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  1. Thanks for the advice. We were able to L and S for August of next year. They didn't have our category available but upgraded us to the next category up. I am thrilled as we wanted the same itinerary and didn't want to deal with masks or monitors this year. So, we were able to get the same itinerary and the price protection. This was a L and S from a PR cruise last year where we paid about $350 a person for three of us. Last year they let us move it to Symphony since there were no PR cruises going out during the time period that we could L and S. There was NO way we would get that price on Symphony anytime much less next year. We are paying the same for three of us as it costs for one right now! I am so happy that they were able to L and S! Now, let's pray they stay afloat and Covid goes away so next year is a normal cruise.
  2. I am trying to lift and shift our canceled cruise for next year. Since they do not have the exact same room category available on any of the dates that fall into their parameters they denied me. Has anyone had luck with having them waive this option? Also has anyone had luck with trying to pay a little more to move to a different category or accepting a lower category? Tia
  3. I guess we should ban all kids. Disney may as well throw in the towel now. if you don’t like the rules don’t go. RC and carnival have lots of kids during the summer. Even if everyone was vaccinated, I know of at least two people personally who got sick with Covid a month after their last shot. It can happen. Luckily if you are going to the Caribbean you at least have sunlight on your side. It kills the virus. There are other lines that cater more to people without kids. Go that route as they are requiring vaccines and will be cruising this summer as well. Give RC a break. They are in a no win situation that is not of their creating. All this will blow over and things will return to normal at some point. We are waiting until that day to cruise. I don’t want to have issues at the port or wear a mask at the pool. So I’m waiting. It’s okay. Although it is a disappointment as we were so looking forward to the Symphony this summer we will live. First world problems. I hope you have a wonderful vacation with or without cruising. I know we will.
  4. Yes, I am not counting on Lift and Shift. The room I want to Lift and Shift is from a previous cruise last year that was canceled and we moved it to this year. I got a great deal and paid with points so I would rather not get a refund. But... it is better than a FCC.
  5. Question... so we are booked on Symphony July 24 and obviously it is not happening. We have three rooms booked and I plan to Lift and Shift one of the reservations. That reservation had the drink package at a pretty good price because of Black Friday. If I Lift and Shift the cruise does the drink package Lift and Shift also? If not I want to cancel now. The last cruise I had booked it took forever to get my planner money back and I was on the phone multiple times where they said they didn't see any reservations for packages.
  6. It was just the French roll shaped loaf in the paper sleeve that they sell at grocery stores. I would get one and just eat the whole thing with butter. Yum. Carb free stinks. I want bread!!!!! I didn’t realize La Bombonera closed. That is sad. But we haven’t been to PR in about four years. I love OSJ.
  7. Make sure you have the fresh bread in OSJ. It’s available at any grocery store. I am drooling thinking about it! No other bread like it. Or maybe I was just happy to have carbs for a change.
  8. I’m going to get crushed for this but here it goes. I am only posting because I care and not to cause problems. Otherwise I would just let it go. Please stop allowing the powers that be to win. Please. They have tried to turn us against each other forever because we have different color skin. The absolute stupidest reason in the world to assess a persons character. Now they are using the vaccine to split us. The vaccinated think unvaccinated people are selfish and uninformed. The unvaccinated think the vaccinated are sheep and uninformed. Stop falling into the trap. We don’t have these feelings about the flu vaccine. It kills thousands of people a year. Just stop. Care about people and do kind things for others. Stop allowing them to turn us against each other. Regardless if you believe this is happening or not, be kind to vaccinated and unvaccinated people. It’s okay to disagree but it’s not okay to hate or wish ill on others because of their vaccination status. stepping down off my soapbox now.
  9. If I remember correctly, a couple of years ago Allure had a chat app that was free. It has been a while back but I am pretty sure we communicated that way with the kids.
  10. I have never complained about a ship or a cruise. I always enjoyed every minute of not cooking or cleaning and having the kids full all the time. There may have been things that were not to my liking, but there are so many options for that reason. However, after this, I will be soaking up every second with joy. This really did teach me to not take the privilege of going on an incredible vacation with my kids for granted.
  11. I just got this from a travel agency. Is this just the same old, same old or did they get some information? Anyone know? The CDC has approved sailings resuming from U.S. ports beginning in June. The cruise lines have worked with the CDC to implement the strictest health and safety standards, and are committed to giving you the safe and amazing cruise experience you’ve been waiting for. For vaccinated travelers, the new guidance allows for more freedoms — like no masks and your choice of shore excursions. This is the news we’ve all been waiting for, and our dedicated Travel Experts are standing by, ready to welcome you back to sea. Call one of our Travel Safety Verified Experts, who will walk you through the new requirements, and help you get the best price and most value that you’ll only find with us. Because many cruisers have been anxiously awaiting this announcement, ships will sell out quickly. Therefore, we’re advising you to book early for the best availability and pricing. Even if your plan is to cruise in 2022 or beyond, this announcement will cause a shortage of availability. If you have a Future Cruise Credit, now is the time to rebook your cruise, before your credit expires. We’re looking forward to helping you get back to sea very soon!
  12. I agree. Not everyone lives an hour from the port. We need to make plans for animals if we are leaving, airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc. There is so much more to this than getting on the boat. A lot of preparation goes into a trip and to sit and wait is pretty irritating. I’m sorry but they know what will happen. In order to get a crew and set the ship up to sail it will take time. They have to start this process for a ship like Symphony to sail with loads of people far in advance. If they have not started it will not sail. So they have to know one way or the other. Putting tons of people on a ship to house and feed is not a split second decision. Just make the announcement already so we can plan accordingly!!
  13. I agree with you and feel your frustration! We are getting close to a month out from July cruises and still no word. And, I feel like they are making things worse by saying, "maybe and maybe not." Before you knew that they would be canceled and you could make a game plan, but how many people have the money to plan and pay for two vacations? I personally don't have 15K to put down on two trips that may or may not go. I hope that they do make a decision and an announcement by tomorrow.
  14. We have done both itineraries. You really can't go wrong with the Caribbean, but personally I prefer the ABC island cruise if you are going to go out of PR. We have done both itineraries out of PR and Aruba/Curacao was our favorite. That being said, if you can get a Roatan/Belize on Harmony or Symphony that would be my first choice. We went on Allure for the first time a couple of years ago and I don't think the kids would ever be happy with a smaller ship again. At the time they were 12, 14, 16 and 20. They loved the ship so much and had a blast. I think we could have gone anywhere and they would have still loved that cruise most. I agreed with them. The ship was amazing. Our favorite port was Roatan. West Beach was amazing. We are scheduled this summer for Symphony to Roatan and Belize. Most of the Caribbean islands seems to be very similar and run together, but Roatan stood out. Some people don't like Belize. We swam with nurse sharks and manta rays and loved it. The water was beautiful and the people were awesome. No matter what, I think you will have a great time!
  15. We have a back up plan, but I really want to know what is happening this summer. We are now about two months from our cruise date and I still don't have a clue if our ship will sail. I hate doing double work planning two vacations when I know one will be canceled. However, I am doing it because our kids are growing fast and our time is limited before they are off on their own. We are on Symphony mid July. I know a month ago the thought was a zero percent chance of it sailing but now it seems that things are changing quickly. Will the cruise lines tell us soon? I feel like we are heading into June and we still have no idea what to expect in July.
  16. Wait... your going down a dangerous path that includes common sense. That isn't allowed.
  17. We have final payment due this week. When can I expect them to cancel July if that is what happens? I am trying to book another trip as I expect things to be canceled and I don't want to have another "non-refundable" payment out there in case the ships sail. Like I said, I don't expect it to sail, but I am nervous about having two trips this summer and I can only afford one!
  18. I'm curious as to how many people will cruise after signing that the cruise line can kick you off the ship or deny re boarding at a port if you test positive. Since some people are testing positive after being vaccinated would you take that risk. It doesn't matter if you have symptoms so anyone could test positive. (I personally know of an 80 year old friend that tested positive three weeks after getting the vaccine.)
  19. I didn't see anything about mandatory vaccinations. Did I miss something? Also, if you are tested after being vaccinated and test positive with no symptoms can they keep you from boarding the ship after an excursion? It seems to say that anyone who tests positive (vaccinated or not) can be kicked off the ship at any time (hopefully not while at sea, lol). I have lots of questions also regarding masks. I get sick every time I wear a mask for longer than a couple of minutes. I have attributed it to breathing in my own CO2 and bacteria that my body said needs to be expelled. So, I don't wear masks anymore and wear a shield only because I have to buy food for my family. Otherwise, I do not frequent places that require masks. So, if I get sick from a mask, isn't my body telling me something? Also, I learned in Bio class in college that our immune system is built up by being exposed to germs. If I am constantly using anti-bacterial, wearing a mask and distancing myself from other people's germs aren't I lowering my immune systems response to fight off germs? These are honest questions and I am not trying to start a fight. It seems that when you ask these questions people get quite upset. I don't know why. I think that they are fair questions to ask.
  20. I am so frustrated with the cruise lines final pay policy. Right now we have to decide to give the cruise line another 5K (total of 7K) in order to pay for our cruise in July. I have a feeling it will be cancelled but I also will not be able to travel as some in our party will not be able to be vaccinated. So, my options are to pay in full and let the cruise line hold my money until, maybe August, which will keep us from doing anything else this summer due to having our vacation money being held by the cruise line, or taking a 2K FCC for a cruise that we may never get to go on. I think that the cruise lines are obviously doing this so that they have cash flow and I understand the business side, but we need answers as to what is going to happen to people who can not be vaccinated. I already know that some in my party will not have the vaccine and they have said that you must be vaccinated. I believe that it is important to have a plan in place for refunds in these situations. Otherwise there will be lawsuits and that is the last thing that the cruise lines need at this time.
  21. Lol... we had a cruise canceled by Princess and because we were at the cruise port and were waiting, received our money back (except for $120 which I have no idea why they kept and refuse to give back!). We also received a credit for the amount we paid for the cruise. Although it was awesome to get the free credit, the prices have gone up so much that it will cost more to go on the exact same cruise (same date, category, etc) after the cruise credit than it did without the credit in 2019! So... I guess I either wait for the prices to come down or let the credit expire. At least we got our money back.
  22. I just want to say that I am so upset with people who label "anti-vaxxers" as selfish people or conspiracy theorist. These are people that research vaccines in-depth. They have had a reaction from a vaccine themselves or their children have had a reaction that caused them to research things instead of blindly trusting a doctor. Most of these people are VERY knowledgeable about vaccines because they have had to be. Question: If your child had almost died as a result of a vaccine would you allow the doctors to continue to push a needle into your baby's fat little leg without question? Or, would you find out why this happened so it didn't happen again? Before you start throwing around insults and condemning people for trying to make an educated decision, read the stuff you don't agree with and see why you don't agree. Have an open mind and listen to people who have had other experiences. You may find some understanding and kindness will go a long way in life.
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