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  1. What were the minor issues at the Hotel Forty-Seven? Thanks for all of the great information! And thank you to everyone who has posted on this thread. We're enjoying looking up all of the suggested hotels and thinking about our trip!
  2. Do you have a favorite hotel in Amsterdam or Rome? With our last cruise half completed (the 2020 world), our next cruise cancelled by us (first portions of 2021 world) because of port and virus concerns, we are trying to keep our Seabourn bubble of happiness by looking ahead to a cruise in the fall of 2021. Any hotel suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Thank you for posting this picture, suzeshoes! My shoes (too many, but I couldn't help myself) are already enroute to Miami by Luggage Forward, in preparation for our World Cruise. I'm now hopeful that the cupboard will hold them nicely. I hope your cruise is great!
  4. Yes, Catlover54, we now enjoy the challenge of seeing how many items we can stuff in the ship laundry bag. It's actually amazing how many will fit! I'll have to try your bubble bath scenario, maybe with a glass of wine, too?
  5. I'm finding the responses to this question interesting. I've never seen a crew member taking out completed laundry from any machines, but I have seen passengers who are waiting for machines do so, frequently, from both the washers and dryers. I think if you are concerned about someone touching your clothing, you might want to be back before it is finished. I thought I was being kind to gently fold, rather than heap it in a basket to emerge later quite wrinkled. (No, I don't think there were any undergarments.) Oh well....
  6. I frequently found unattended, yet complete, loads in both washers and dryers on both Odyssey and Sojourn. I usually waited a few minutes, and then if no one came, put the wet clothes into a laundry basket - if I was lucky enough to find one in the laundry room. I attempted some careful folding of dry clothes, if the owner didn't return. To make sure my wet clothes didn't need to be taken care of by someone else, I always tried to return to the laundry room early. I brought a book to read while I waited, but I also met some interesting people for conversations! We used the ship laundry service for the last two cruises, so I haven't had to experience this lately. I do understand, Gallivanter, that there are clothes you just want to take care of yourself.
  7. We loved this cruise, so it was worth it for us. We live half way between Seattle and Vancouver B.C., so we usually check both places for international flights. We flew from Vancouver (leaving about midnight), from there to Mexico City, then to Panama City, and then finally to Manaus. We arrived about 8:00 pm. Yes, not a fun flight schedule, but seeing some of the Amazon was amazing - bucket list experiences!
  8. Seabourn provides laundry detergent pods, and it is free. No quarters or tokens. They don't supply fabric softener sheets for the dryer, so you would need to bring those if you want them.
  9. It was free when we did it, and we were very surprised at the quality of the show. Too bad they're charging for it now - that would make it a more difficult choice.
  10. We did the Manaus to Monaco itinerary in March of 2018, and loved the Amazon portion. Yes, getting to Manaus was a pain. We spent two nights in the Hotel Villa Amazonia before the cruise, and enjoyed walking around, seeing the Opera House, spending time watching fishing boats selling their catch, people watching, as well as a Seabourn excursion to a village and rubber plantation. We loved kayaking on the Amazon as well as the zodiac trips. All were worthwhile. Yes, don't miss the free Boi Bumba show in Paretins. Amazing! We did the zodiac to Devils Island, and liked the tour through the ruins (especially after rewatching the movie Papillon). We got the yellow fever waiver, and had no problems with mosquitoes. We did wear insect shield clothing as well as using insect repellant lotion with Picaridin. It was a great trip!
  11. I had the same problem yesterday. Today it's working!
  12. I would love to hear from you, frantic36, after you're on board and can try it out. What wall were you thinking of hanging the bag on? I'm laughing at this...
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