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  1. Yes, the options were listed in the emailed letter we received from Seabourn. Transfer to one of the Greek summer cruises, with any special promotions/perks, etc. protected; transfer to a "comparable" summer 2022 cruise (with a chart listing the cancelled cruise and what is considered to be the comparable cruises) at the 2021 pricing; transfer any of the amount you've already paid, up to the cruise base fare, at a 110% FCC to any other Seabourn voyage; or request a refund. There's a link to a form to fill out for your request, but I just called our cruise consultant and worked with her for reb
  2. I'm dreaming of a cruise someday again. Does anyone have a centrally located, favorite Lisbon hotel to recommend?
  3. You're not seeing what Sojourn had scheduled for July, August and September because those were the cancelled itineraries. They were available to purchase until a few days ago. Those itineraries were in northern Europe. We were scheduled to leave on September 25 from Amsterdam, heading down west coast of France, Portugal, to Med for some Spain, France and Italy before disembarking in Rome on October 16. This was the last cruise cancelled, although the last week of our cruise is now the first week available on Sojourn.
  4. We booked it as a 21 day, not a back to back. I know there are lots of segments of many cruises. Right now the October 9th sailing is the first listed for the Sojourn.
  5. I was having trouble making the website work yesterday, but did fine today. I just tried a mock booking for October 2022, and it seemed to be proceeding. Some people have said clearing your cookies helps, and the Seabourn site can definitely be quirky. Good luck! We just booked a cruise today for August 2022 on the Quest, using our personal cruise consultant.
  6. We just got the email that our September 25th 3 week Europe cruise on Sojourn was cancelled, and are now in the process of transferring that to the November Sojourn crossing. We were told that the only cabins available were deck 4 ocean view, V-6, and Owners Suite. We're holding a V-6, but were surprised at the cost. Hoping it will sail, but ready for a cancellation. We keep pushing money and credits from one cruise to another, and then again, and then again...
  7. Sadly, our September 25 Amsterdam to Rome cruise was cancelled. We were expecting it. Now looking at our options for rebooking.
  8. Seabourn does have formal nights, but you can always eat in the more informal Colonnade or Earth and Ocean if you don't want to dress up. Also, there's a real variety of levels of dressing up. You'll see some men in tuxes in the Restaurant or TK Grill on formal nights, but many men wear a suit or sports coat and tie. Some women have amazing gowns, and some dress in nice, but simpler dresses, or even dressy slacks with a sparkly top.
  9. We have two trips scheduled before then, too. My optimism keeps diminishing on whether they'll happen, but I'll keep dreaming. I hope your mother is able to stay healthy and safe on Whidbey. We were able to get our first covid vaccinations two weeks ago, and hope the second will happen on schedule.
  10. No, just laundry. We've never paid for dry cleaning so I haven't paid attention to prices. We had free dry cleaning for our last cruise, the 2020 World (or should I say the half-2020-World).
  11. We booked and did our deposit on this Grand Voyage on Friday, too! Our preferred suite booking is usually a V3 on deck 6, forward. Now that's a V1 category, and we were able to move slightly more midship with the new categories. We'll look forward to meeting you, cbachell!
  12. That's great to know! I'm celiac, and have appreciated the excellent job Seabourn does accommodating my diet, but I always figured the fried chicken was out of the question. Also, to clarify, the TK rib and fried chicken nights are held in the Colonnade, not in the TK Grill. You need reservations for the TK nights in the Colonnade, but they're easy to get if you make them when it's announced. Reservations for TK Grill are sometimes easy to get onboard, other times not so much, in my experience. You can stuff a lot of clothing into the $50 laundry bag, especially if you
  13. I couldn't fine a booking number for our pre-booking of the 2023 South America-Antarctica cruise. Did you find it in the "My Bookings" section of your account?
  14. We just put down $400 on the South America and Antarctica this morning. The price will determine whether we proceed further, but it sounds like an amazing itinerary!
  15. We've never been had the pleasure of an Antarctica cruise yet, but I've enjoyed reading about people's experiences in this strand. Our previous longest cruise was 23 days, Manaus to Monaco on the Quest in 2018. We loved that, and the sea days crossing the Atlantic, enough to sign up for the 146 day 2020 World Cruise on the Sojourn, to celebrate our 50th anniversary. The pandemic meant we actually sailed for 73 days, and it wasn't enough! Even with 17 days at sea as the Sojourn was unable to make multiple stops wasn't too much for me. We, and many other guests, were disappointed to have ou
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