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  1. Just cruised on the Vista 6/2. In reminiscing about our ports, I have 2 regrets. I forgot to buy a Christmas ornament in Grand Turk. I have shells from the beach there so I can come up with something. However, on Curaçao, there was a shirt selling somewhere that said "I'm super dushi". It was blue with black or yellow writing. I don't know what store sells it but I'm working on a wing and a prayer that someone heading to Curaçao might locate one, buy an adult large and ship it to me. I promise promise promise that I am good for it. I've scoured the internet and can't find it at all. please please please?!?

  2. Hi! We leave tomorrow!!! We used a travel agent for the first time when booking the cruise. Our experience was, uh, lacking. As a result, I'm a bit dubious as to what we really got out of the deal. Can you check to see if you have an onboard credit before leaving without calling Carnival? As of right now, I don't see anything in my carnival.com account. Thanks all!

  3. Has anyone found Vista 8 day menus yet??



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    Abby1257 mentioned that she was going on the Vista in a week and would get us pictures. Based on when she answered, she was possibly sailing on 5/5 or 5/12. She might have just gotten back or is still due back. I'm trying to be patient. :halo:

  4. Hello All!

    We are taking our kids (17, 13, 11 and 11) on their first cruise ever and our first on Carnival. The cost has added up quickly! I'd like to be as prepared as possible for the extras on the ship and would love your help!


    *How much are individual prints of photos?

    *How much is the IMAX?

    *Isnt there an arcade? Are games like a buck each?

    *How much is JiJi's for dinner? Any chance someone has a copy of that menu?

    *my experience is that coffee served anywhere on a ship is weak. Which means that I will probably hit Java Blue plenty! Do they have a better cup of regular coffee? How much for their coffee drinks? (Non-alcoholic!). Wouldn't it be awesome if they offered a specific package for coffee and virgin drinks?!?

    *my kids love sushi. How much does that run at Bonsai or Bonsai to go?

    *We plan on bringing root beer on board and making some floats from the soft serve but looking at shakes at Shakes for another treat. Cost there?


    And finally- what are your very best tips for free or super cheap things that no one seems to notice on the ship?


    So grateful for your info! TIA!

  5. Everyone should experience tea time at least once. It was our daughters favorite thing last year on our cruise (she was 11). This year she has already chosen a dress just for the tea time occasion. I think it made her feel a bit grown up and it was just her and I for a little girl time alone. We leave in two weeks and that is one of the things that she actually asked about. :)


    What a lovely idea! With 4 days at sea on the Vista, I will have a chance to take each daughter and perhaps each son for one on one time!

  6. This is my first time travelling with Carnival and I didn't know too much about FTTF when I booked it. I am seeing now that it was a mistake in not purchasing it as it seems to be well worth the money. It is showing Sold Out now but just curious as to how many people were able to purchase it close to their sale date after it showed Sold Out.


    Sorry! Newbie here and I've tried finding it but can't! What is FTTF?

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