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  1. Yes there are connecting mini suites. We were on Royal, I believe, and had a mini suite that had the connecting door to the mini suite next to us. You can also have the partition on the balcony unlocked so you can go back and forth between the two balconies.
  2. Has any one stayed in one of the mini suites, on Sky, that has the extended angled balcony?? Wondering how the balcony was?
  3. We were on the Sky on the January 18,202 western Caribbean cruise. Loved The Sky Princess. Our next cruise is on the Enchanted January 30, 2021 for the concerts at sea cruise. So hoping the Enchanted will be over here by then.
  4. BrennerM we were on the Sky in mid January and went to the fitness center every morning at 5:00!! No problem going as early as you want🙂
  5. Redwing55 - we were on the Sky Jan. 18-25 and the tv's on the machines were not working. They had several tvs going in the fitness center.
  6. Are the TVs programmed on the elipiticals?
  7. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to having the afternoon Tea in our stateroom! I take it I will just call room service to order?
  8. I will be elite on our next cruise and was wondering about having afternoon tea in the cabin. Can I put in a request for this any day or just certain days? Will be on the Sky in 26 days🛳. So ready for our cruise, some sun, and relaxation!!
  9. You will use your cruise card with the machines. I always go to the laundry room and get the tokens the day we embark. They are known for running out of tokens mid way through the cruise.
  10. Ugh!!!! We did the medallion app last weekend and took several times for it to gather all information. It kept saying my husband's profile incomplete. Now today it is like we never did anything. Can't sign in with booking number ( doesn't recognize that information) or our email and won't take password. Worse experience ever!!!!!! Now have to call princess and hope I am not on hold forever!!!
  11. We just downloaded the medallion app(this morning) and could not scan our passports and it would not take my order for the medallion. Took my husbands order for his medallion though. We just went back onto the site, after our first attempt 3 hours ago, and it took our passports and had my medallion ordered. We are all green and now just have to wait for January to get here!!!!! How far out our folks receiving their medallions, from their cruise dates??
  12. We are on this cruise also and I read on the Princess personalizer page you needed to be 50-60 days out from your cruise, to load the app to your phone for it to take your information. Hope this is correct and there isn't a problem with the app.
  13. Would like to know if prints are included or not also, like it states. I am debating whether to get the photo package or not, for our cruise in January. Have gotten the package before and come home with a lot of pictures.
  14. The price for our cruise in January , on Sky, was $199.00 originally and then it changed to $249.00. Have done the package before and enjoyed getting all the prints and thumb drive. Thumb drive was always included in the price. Do they have many monitors or do you have to wait in line to go through the pictures??
  15. So to purchase a photo, you have to look on a monitor to pick the photo out you want to purchase whether you have the package or not??
  16. We are elite on our next cruise and will turn in the mini bar, for the two coffee cards. Do they put a coffee card on each medallion (mine and husbands) or just one medallion?
  17. We were in a mini suite this past January with adjoining room. The door was across from the bathroom/ closet area. We were apprehensive about having the adjoining cabin, but there was no extra noise. We were ready to put towel across bottom of door, as people had stated to do, but there was no need. Happy cruising!!
  18. We use EZ air check every cruise!! The best way to end the cruise. If you use Ez air and have paid for luggage, they may charge you anyway, even if you note you have paid for luggage. This happened to us and we had to call Princess to get the money back. We had to prove we had already paid for luggage and then they credited our credit card. So now, we just pay for luggage going down to Ft. Lauderdale and pay the fee for EZ air. Remember to have flight info with you,as you will need to list all flight numbers and airports.
  19. These pictures are absolutely amazing!! We loved our cruise to Alaska when we went. Can't wait to go back !!!!!
  20. We are booked on the January 18th sailing🛳 . Just checked my cruise personalizer and the medallionet package is listed for our cruise now!!! Can't wait!!
  21. I take arm and hammer pods, put them in ziplock bag. Have never had a problem with them in suitcase. I always get my laundry tokens the day of embarkation, for the week. The machine runs out of tokens usually midway through the cruise. I always do laundry in the morning and never had a problem getting a machine.
  22. Fresh crepes made at Gelato on sea days, in the afternoon.
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