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  1. I'll be on the ship with family as well. This is my third Norwegian cruise. I love this class of ship! Hope to meet you guys and others!
  2. Quick update: Food and service much improved since speaking with chef and front desk. Once they realized there was an issue it was immediately fixed and then some. Of my well over 100 cruises (across many lines) I have never seen a crew as dedicated to making it right as this one. I am truly humbled and impressed by them and they really turned it around quickly. I would now definitely recommend Glory. Just don’t be afraid to speak up. They appreciate the feedback and change accordingly. I’ve never seen that before on any line. This is unique and they are a really special crew. Kids club crew is also amazing and perhaps the best I’ve seen. Quick hint - if you like Indian food they offer a non-vegetarian Indian meal at dinner every night that is not on the menu. It’s excellent.
  3. To be more specific on food: Seaday brunch is the same menu as other Carnival ships. I always get huevos rancheros which is usually amazing on Carnival but inedible here. Service wasn’t good at Seaday brunch. However service in Buffet and dining room dinner is good. Buffet food is awful. All very greasy and overly fried. Options are limited in the sense that it’s all bottom barrel food. Kinda like what you get at Golden Corral, quality and variety. That’s fine some of the time but not all of the time. Having said that when I answered honestly when asked about the food they really do care and head chef spoke to me directly. We’ll see if that changes things. I did not go to tea so I can’t tell you about that. I did Chefs table and it was good. Believe it or not roomservice pay items are very good. BBQ is pretty good but not nearly as good as Guys bbq on dream. As to the poster that noted about whether or not it was being compared to the big NCL ships, you are right - comparing to Breakaway and Bliss. Dream is not comparable to those ships but food ok Dream was indeed good. My comparison of food, though, is not of the NCL ships to this but rather to recent experiences on Dream, Triumph and Splendor.
  4. I'm on Glory now. Last 2 cruises were NCL. I'm Gold on Carnival. Honestly, while the ship is pretty, it's not well maintained. Food is the worst I've had from Carnival in years. Entertainment is so-so but the Cruise Director is good. Service is spotty - some great, some awful. My kids like the slides which are fun and the Nightowls program. Don't care much for the day program. I can only compare NCL as to the Breakaway and the Bliss, but both were far superior to Glory and I was on both within the last 9 months. Last Carnival cruise was on Dream in November, 2017. To be honest, nearly all the Carnival ships I've been on in the last 10 years were superior to Glory. Triumph was a much better product. Dream is a much better product. Conquest is much better. Splendor is much better. Spirit is much better. If you haven't been on Carnival in a long time, I'd recommend a ship other than Glory.
  5. This is my post and no, lcpagejr, I am NOT a Carnival Cheerleader. I’m almost Diamond Plus on Royal. I have had good and bad experiences on Carnival, Royal and just about every other cruise line. I’ve sailed Navigator 3 times, the post referenced my last cruise on her which is the only time I’ve ever not enjoyed it. And this was roughly 9 months before she was refurbed and she was being treated by Royal like a backwater ship. I’m sure that’s all changed with the refresh and I’m sure she’s a great ship again. I sail several times a year and sometimes it has to do with the easiest options from where I live which is New Orleans. Carnival is present year round which is why I have a good bit of experience on them. Royal will not meaningfully commit to this market and pulls in and out every few years. Most recently it was Vision on a truncated season and while I have loved Enchantment and Grandeur, they don’t compare to the options by Carnival and NCL during the season she’s there. I write this as I sail on Norwegian Bliss, which is also wonderful. The three lines are very different and each ship is very different. The Navigator of a year ago is likely very different from the revitalized Navigator of today. But I caution you against assuming anyone who isn’t a line specific cheerleader is a cheerleader of another line. That kind of thinking is not helpful and unwelcome. I’m a 100+ cruises person on many lines. Don’t assume if someone doesn’t like one cruise or points out problems so the lines will see it and make changes that it’s because they are another lines cheerleader.
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