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  1. Absolutely. It was the context of that review that got me thinking. Thanks.
  2. Somebody wrote in NCL Encore review: "The “free perks” are anything but free. Norwegian charges automatic gratuities on all food and beverages, even when they’re “free”". So, does this mean you're expected to pay gratuities on the Package Dining Package - Promo?
  3. So far, Royal Caribbean wins for me. I've been on several of their ships and I just gotta say, they have a fantastic design for the buffet. There are "stations" guests can walk around instead of one long cafeteria line. (I love food).
  4. Heh. Yeah, I'm going on this ship. It seems like maybe it was geared more for Alaskan cruises. The whole "class" thing is disappointing. I don't care about slides, laser tag or racetrack. I chose because it was new. I found the graphic quite telling, and that's exactly was I was thinking. I'm hoping for the best. We shall see.
  5. Tell us of the accommodations in steerage, Mr. Dawson. I hear they're quite good on this ship.
  6. It's probably nothing (why make things look strange?), but having the dining promo and the reservations, it looks like Le Bistro will be charged (see image). My impression is that 3 restaurants (dining events) are included.
  7. Heh. Thanks for replies. Ya think bottle of champagne?
  8. Hello! Does anyone know what can be ordered for this promo? For example, I have reservations at Le Bistro, (which is À la carte) can one order the Sea Bass (very expensive) or are you limited to certain items on the menu? Also, does one get appetizer/main course/dessert with this promo? Thanks.
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