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  1. It is completely up to you! I think the MoveUp option is a great thing to be offered. I think set your expectations as "I will put in an offer that I am comfortable with, if I get it, I get it, if I don't get it, I am still on the cruise I purchased and in the room I originally booked!" That is what I did, put in an offer for an AQ cabin with the amount I was comfortable with (which was a minimum) and did not think anything about it. To my surprise a few days letter it was accepted! Now if you really want a balcony room, look at the current cost of a balcony on your cruise and compare to what you paid for your room. Celebrity usually allows you to pay the difference in fare. I did that going from balcony to Concierge!
  2. LOL! Do people not follow that rule?!? I am guessing not, if it has to be said! My thing is, I do not want to be sitting on the balcony and have people looking down and try to have a conversation! Have you ever seen the Regal/Royal Princess? They have a glass walkway coming out over the ship and when you look down you look directly into people's balconies. It is the people gawking down at you while you are just sitting enjoying the view! Feels kind of like being in a zoo lol. I know on port days, different story but while at sea...
  3. Thank you everyone! I'm relieved to hear it will be hard for people to look down onto the balcony. I do like it being a little more shaded but I'm sure it will be fine. I do feel I got a great deal, went from a 2A to a C3 to an A1. 2A to C3 was, as mentioned, 2% increase and then C3 to A1 was the minimum bid. From what I have read that is pretty good. Looking forward to our first Celebrity Cruise! Is Blu really that good? I hope so! Thank you 🙂
  4. Hi hopeless holiday booker! Thanks for the quick response, the cabin is 1124 on the Infinity.
  5. Hello fellow cruisers: Looking forward to my first Celebrity Cruise! I am the type who loves a good deal, so I do check the website everyday after I book for fare differences (am I the only one who does this?). I was lucky to get an upgrade to Concierge Class for what I consider a very reasonable rate (2% higher than what I paid originally). Then there is the MoveUp offer, well me being me, I put in the minimum offer amount for Aqua Class. I had heard a lot about Blu, so thought why not? Well my offer was accepted! I was excited until I saw my room assignment. It is on the 11th deck and is considered "the best location" for Aqua class (A1). I noticed the cinema is on deck 12 and looks like people can see directly into the balconies when on deck 12! Not sure how this is considered the "best?" What have I got myself into? Anyone stayed in these cabins? Am I concerned for no reason? Or should I be yelling at myself for always looking for a better deal? I appreciate all your help! This is such a great place to come for advice. Thank you!
  6. Hello fellow cruisers! Just wanted to find out, when does the new Celebrity Terminal (T25) open at Port Everglades? In some articles I read it mentioned it will be opening in October. Well it is coming to the end of October and no word. Does anyone here have any ideas? I am guessing it should be open by the time the Edge starts cruises, but that is a guess and we all know how construction goes!
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