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  1. Definitely interested in finding out what they decide for the September sailing. Still shocked they have not confirmed what their protocols are for September! Had a September 4 sailing on hold from Port Canaveral as the Carnival website showed "all sailings of the Carnival Magic from August 7th" will be "fully vaccinated." I know their "fully vaccinated" means 95%. I reached out to their social team on FB and they mentioned they could not confirm if this sailing would be a "fully vaccinated cruise." Moved to the August 30th sailing in which it shows as a "fully vaccinated cruise," the sailing prior to the September sailing. When on the phone with customer service, even they were shocked they by now September has not been confirmed, this was over a week ago. Everyone I dealt with at Carnival customer service has been great! Looking forward to our first ever Carnival, we know it is going to be different than our other cruises (Celebrity, Holland America, and Princess) but we just wanted to get back to sea as soon as we could!
  2. Working in aviation, especially during these times, I feel like Celebrity are using tactics the airlines are using. When airlines are not sure about a route they will be operating during a timeframe they will still sell tickets on the flight until they are sure they are pulling it or progressing with operating it. But during the time they are not sure, they will only sell the flight at "full price." This is because they know those who are booking are sure they need to travel and are comfortable with that fare. They are not trying to stimulate demand on the route and if they cancel it is easier to take care of these fewer passengers as they can be accommodated in most cases easily onto other flights, especially as they are paying full fare. In the case of Celebrity they are selling at full fare, they know those who are booking right now are avid cruisers who want to return to the seas. They know that overall those who are booking now will likely choose to be re-accommodated on a later sailing versus full cancel. Secondly, yes fares for cruises over 6 months out are also very high but for the short term I think they are still getting some reservations and that they are getting higher than average returns on these bookings. This is a way to show to their creditors that though revenues are down their returns on the bookings they are getting are higher. I think once cruises return, prices will come down. Once their balance sheets look healthier with a steady income we shall see prices come down. It is all about supply and demand. Now are other cruise lines using other tactics? Yes, they are. But I think we are still seeing more "full fare" cruises than deals. Again, once cruises return we shall see an improvement across the board. When will cruising return? It is for us all to see. I am hoping sooner than later. This business is lucrative and successful. I do not think we are going to see the end of cruising but what I think may happen... mergers. This is just my 2 cents! I am for sure ready to be on the seas again.
  3. I am currently booked on Celebrity Infinity 5 night in April 2021. Just did an online chat and the response was they are still "reviewing their schedules" and nothing has been decided yet. That the guests will be the first to know. If they stick to Cozumel as one of the ports, probably Costa Maya will be the alternative? Or possibly Grand Cayman? This was just my first thoughts. Hey, I would even take two seas days! 🙂
  4. I guess they are just sharing the link that Cruise Critic referred to: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5700/ Edit: the link is now dead, guessing it was a fraud! With CruiseCritic also sharing the link, hoping not too many people entered their details thinking it was legitimate.
  5. Haha the amount of times I forget about the marketing wording and read it how I would like it to sound! Reminder, right now the lowest fare does include the drink package! The up to $1,700 OBC is probably only if you book the highest suite on the ship. At that point do you really need that much OBC? Most cabins you will be lucky to get $25-$50 OBC. However, there are some great deals on the 5 night cruises! The question is, are 5 nights enough? Also it will probably be on the Infinity, though a wonderful ship (in my opinion) she is "rough" around the edges. She was due for a full renovation but that is no longer scheduled in the foreseeable future.
  6. Sure, right now have it in hold for $1,670 for two with taxes and fees with drink package and $50 obc
  7. I just looked! Wow... $1,058 more (for two)! Costs more than Aquaclass (A1) and Concierge Class (C1). I got a deck 10 center vs the deck 8/7 left two. What I have on hold is less than an Infinite Veranda E5. Would you think that is a good deal?
  8. Been keeping an eye on the sales! Right now it seems like there continues to be good deals. Really is up to the person "what a good deal is." Was hoping this month would see some good sales but they just extended. Maybe the next "big" sale for Spring 2021 will be around Thanksgiving.
  9. Thanks everyone! Right now still have the 5 night booked but currently have a 7 night Apex in a SV on hold ... Question, cruise is departing the day before Easter Sunday. Do you think the ship may be over run with kids? Had a Princess Cruise a week before Easter (we got back on Easter Sunday) and it's not that the kids were the problem it was the ship was obviously at capacity/over and the crew just didn't seem to be able to handle it... The 5 night is leaving later and think it's far enough away from school holidays
  10. Hi all: I recently booked a 5 night Infinity cruise but still wrestling with possibly changing to a 7 night Apex, thought I would get the opinions of CruiseCritic! Here is the info: 5 Night Western Caribbean - Infinity - Aquaclass A2 7 Night Western Caribbean - Apex - Infinite Veranda E4/E3 - +$500 Some other notes: Utilizing FCC, so pretty much paid off the 5 night Western Not too bothered about the ports, we have done Western Caribbean to tears Yes we could do another itinerary but the dates "work for now" We have sailed the Infinity before, loved her even though she is "rough around the edges" We do enjoy Blu (seems controversial, never had an issue getting food from main dining if we really wanted it) We know the Persian Garden on the Infinity is not that great Getting an A2 on the Apex would be another $1,200 (which to some may not be that bad but love a good deal!) Like the idea of the four main dining rooms on the Apex Of course we want to try the newest and best Have cruised on the current flagships of HAL and Princess, so possibly trying Celebrity to "fairly" compare? This would be our first cruise in two years! It pains me that it has been that long... So CC Community, what would you do? haha. Part of the fun is the planning phase, at least for me! Thanks!
  11. But those are the best Aquaclass cabins! The deck 11 cabins are "newer" and feel very private. We noticed though the Infinity in general rocks more than other ships we've been on ...
  12. Thank you! Yeah we have sailed the Infinity a couple years ago, we loved her! As long as they are looking after her, we are happy. When we booked an A2 was marginally more than a C2 and LESS than an OV 06. Our cruise credit pretty much covered the cruise, another reason we went with this one... you know to be "fiscally" responsible haha. The Apex would of run us another $500 for an extra two nights in an E4... still thinking about it.
  13. Thanks everyone! I had the cruise on hold for FIVE days and was trying to get in contact for FOUR of those days. I did try to contact someone else at the office who was rude and somewhat aggressive. I was really excited about the Edge to try the newest ship... Ended up booking a 5 night with the Infinity in Aquaclass. Feel like I got a pretty awesome deal via one of the big box stores but got to have a personal agent who I can get a hold of easily who had a pulse! ha. Will of course keep an eye on other deals via this site. Let's keep the discussion going of any other upcoming sales! Celebrity does consistently have 3 perk/4 perk sales. Usually around major US holidays. Also as mentioned 60-90 days from sail.
  14. Oh sorry! I forgot about that rule... Wish it was allowed, would not have ended up in this pickle! haha
  15. Mind if you share which is your preferred agent? Sounds amazing! What date? haha
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