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  1. someone told me that the chat feature in the compass app do not allow you to chat with minors (under 18) i.e. eventhough my kids (14 and 10) stay in the same room but still you cannot use the feature to chat with them? This kind of make the supposingly useful function useless especially if i want to use it to get a hold of my kids in the ship? Anyone with minors has experience to confirm? thanks
  2. Hi Danish Viking, Thanks for the reply. I took your advise and investigate on Citizen M , Square and Palace. After getting some quotes, only Palace and Square have room that can accomodate 4 (either with rollaways or sofa beds or 2x connecting rooms), wheareas Citizen M will be 2 rooms (but he cheapest if comparing to the connecting room options with the other 2). My question is which of these you suggest.Citizen M will be the most expensive (considering 2 rooms) when compare to the room + sofa/rollaway options). Is the Square comparable to the palace? unfortunaely it dowsn't look like i can take advantage of any of the breakfast included option with either Square/Palace as they suggest me to leave at 6:30am to catch my 8isham flight on departure date. Kind of want to experiment with CitizenM is it seems funbut just not sure how smallish (or minimal) the rooms are. What would you suggest? Thanks again
  3. Hi, We are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 teenagers 10, 14) We will be staying one night in CPH precruise before boarding the Regal in July 2019. Afterwards we will be staying for another 2 nights in CPH to tour around the city and visit Tivoli Garden. Typical like what we have done in previos europe trip it is likely we will need 2 rooms. I currently have on hold the Bella Sky (just because of the cheaper rate I got) , But someone mentioned it is in the middle of no where and it is not that convenient but the hotel itself is great. I am currently considering perhaps for ease of getting around town to keep my Bella Sky for precruise (not sure about transportation to the port though or even anything to do in the area precruise day... our flight arrive early int he morning)... but for sure it may be more logical to change our post cruise to something more conveniently accessible. I am currently considering Les Suites Manon or Trivoli Hotel... anyone has any recommendation on one or the other (looking for convenience , 4* hotel standard,)? or any other similar level hotel? Our flight will be leaving CPH 8am on departure day so easy transportation to CPH airport early in the departure morning is preferred. Thanks in advance.
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