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  1. someone told me that the chat feature in the compass app do not allow you to chat with minors (under 18) i.e. eventhough my kids (14 and 10) stay in the same room but still you cannot use the feature to chat with them? This kind of make the supposingly useful function useless especially if i want to use it to get a hold of my kids in the ship? Anyone with minors has experience to confirm? thanks
  2. Hi Danish Viking, Thanks for the reply. I took your advise and investigate on Citizen M , Square and Palace. After getting some quotes, only Palace and Square have room that can accomodate 4 (either with rollaways or sofa beds or 2x connecting rooms), wheareas Citizen M will be 2 rooms (but he cheapest if comparing to the connecting room options with the other 2). My question is which of these you suggest.Citizen M will be the most expensive (considering 2 rooms) when compare to the room + sofa/rollaway options). Is the Square comparable to the palace? unfortunaely it dowsn't look like i can take advantage of any of the breakfast included option with either Square/Palace as they suggest me to leave at 6:30am to catch my 8isham flight on departure date. Kind of want to experiment with CitizenM is it seems funbut just not sure how smallish (or minimal) the rooms are. What would you suggest? Thanks again
  3. Hi, We are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 teenagers 10, 14) We will be staying one night in CPH precruise before boarding the Regal in July 2019. Afterwards we will be staying for another 2 nights in CPH to tour around the city and visit Tivoli Garden. Typical like what we have done in previos europe trip it is likely we will need 2 rooms. I currently have on hold the Bella Sky (just because of the cheaper rate I got) , But someone mentioned it is in the middle of no where and it is not that convenient but the hotel itself is great. I am currently considering perhaps for ease of getting around town to keep my Bella Sky for precruise (not sure about transportation to the port though or even anything to do in the area precruise day... our flight arrive early int he morning)... but for sure it may be more logical to change our post cruise to something more conveniently accessible. I am currently considering Les Suites Manon or Trivoli Hotel... anyone has any recommendation on one or the other (looking for convenience , 4* hotel standard,)? or any other similar level hotel? Our flight will be leaving CPH 8am on departure day so easy transportation to CPH airport early in the departure morning is preferred. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the reply. yes that is what I was referring to. Just reading through the respond here does this mean prebooking we don't get charge gratuity? We are on the Dec 29 the sailing so just trying to sort everything out including port excursions...not sure how busy that week is but looks like excursions are tight (non cruise line operated ones)... so wondering if want to book Cirque on board. Any idea if you can cancel ? txs
  5. Hi, I will boardiing the Meraviglia in Dec this year, I am just wondering if there is any benefits of prebooking the Cirque shows prior to boarding. I have read somewhere that even with prebookings., they will just issue you a voucher where you still have to do the long line up to book the times for the 2 shows. Someone was saying just not prebook but rather once on board use the app to book show at the time you want (no need then to line up again). I wonder if the shows ever sold out? or better yet can we prebook now, but once on board use the app to book show and request refund for my prebook? Also , this will be my first crusie with MSC, coming from RCCL, I see that you cannot reserve any of the specialty restaurants... so any rationale to buy those package before hand? or those specialty restarant package are only available precruise? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi our family of 4 (kids @ 9 and 13) will be travelling to Alaska this Aug on the Bliss. We will be stopping at Skagway porting at 7am departing 5.30pm. Unfortunately the 3.5hr White Pass train/bus combo compatible to our cruise seem to be all sold out from all the tours operators that i can search through the internet. The only one available with the train seems to be the 7hrs Benett Lake train/Bus. I was even told if we want to do train for that day (Aug 22) directly book with WPR is sold out ... so no diy and have to join a tour. It is our first time to Alaska, so i think it is worthwhile to do the train rather than just touring around the small town. My worries and from my search results some people with kids think the 7 hrs journey is a little too long... esp with kids at my age. Any comments or suggestions ..? txs Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Forums mobile app
  7. Hi, Our family of 4 (From YYZ) will be sailing the Bliss in coming Aug. We are trying to combine this with a visit to the Yellowstone Nat Park post cruise. But it looks like flight arrangements may be quite an hassle. For now my plan is to to fly in to YVR (flying into SEA is always preferred but with the layover and the taxes combined it seems flying into YVR and renting a car and dropping off at SEA is still cheaper and give us more time). The issue is the flying out from SEA , the Bliss is scheduled to arrive back SEA at 8am , I have searched and find next to no flight flying out from SEA to either SLC or JAC in the afternoon, the only one I found is at 1pm. Is a 1pm departure too tight ? Not sure if assuming a 10am disembarkation and with SEA traffic will be able to make it. Also any recommendation as to preference of flying into SLC or JAC? It seems like if flying into JAC , I will not get there till the night time anyways so I will have to stay overnight in one of the limited number of accomodations in JAC before driving in to the park the next day. SLC seem to have a wider selection of accomodations and cheaper rentals however driving to the park will be an extra 2-3 hrs (which we are ok). Thanks in advance
  8. Likewise, we have chosen the 3 meal package for pax 1 and 2. We have 2 kids travelling with us (age 9 and 13) , should we prepurchase (I guess I meant for my 13 yr old son) or should we do on board?txs
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