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  1. That is something to consider although we have already booked an apartment in Edinburgh through VRBO so really would like to get there sooner than later. πŸ™‚
  2. Thank you for the quick replies! More information to check on. Although the TA is 16 days we are packing light so not a lot of luggage to tote between stations. (Carnival Platinum so free laundry and also self-service machines.) πŸ™‚
  3. Hi. We will be doing a TA from NYC to Dover in June of 2020. After that we will be going to Edinburgh and staying for a week. I am trying to understand the rail system. I see we can get the train at Dover Priory Station and end at Waverly in Edinburgh with changing trains and stations in London (St Pancras switching to Kings Cross Station). I see first class seats include meals and beverages and there is food (buffet?) available on the train. Does anyone know how much the food/drink is and if it is worth the difference in seating to pay for First Class? I know I cannot buy tickets until about 3 months out so that will be the last thing I arrange for this trip. This is the "trip of a lifetime" to celebrate our 50th anniversary so trying to get all my ducks in a row as early as I can. Thanks in advance for any help! (Edited to put more information in topic title)
  4. We will be in Edinburgh in June 2020 after a transatlantic from NY to Dover. We have rented a small apartment through VRBO that is right on the Royal Mile and walking distance to everything. Much cheaper than a hotel and can cook some meals. Just an idea for the OP.
  5. Have a friend who always asks for the children's menu. Some nights she orders off the children's menu and others the adult menu. Having had bariatic surgery the choices on that menu sound like something I should ask for...I hate wasting food.
  6. Good to know 1/2 portions are available. Thanks!
  7. We go to a "cruise show" put on by a large travel agency in our area every January and pick up brochures for many different cruise lines. Lets me daydream during the cold dreary winter months.
  8. Will be on board in 42 days. Keep her in good shape for us. ☺️
  9. Booked the Legend the second day it was for sale and just booked the QMII for the return trip. I told hubby if I had to fly across the ocean it would be in business class...8 day cruise is cheaper, lasts longer and I won't be a nervous wreck!! Celebrating our 50th anniversary and we leave NY on my birthday...going to be interesting!!!
  10. I have looked at this information so many times my head is spinning and I cannot think straight. Is the date listed (i.e Grand 5/22 for Connoisseur RB8) the date the cruise starts from Whittier/Anchorage or the date of land portion starting? I have changed my mind 100 times already on which cruisetour we want to do in 2020 πŸ™‚ TIA maryinnc aka durangokid
  11. That works for the main boards but there is nothing to take you to first unread post on content you are following (used to be called subscribed threads). Mary in NC aka durangokid
  12. I called. Easy peasy and all taken care of.
  13. Signature - go to upper right corner and find user name. Click and drop down box opens. Click on account settings. Once there on the left there is a pencil next to "signature".
  14. To upgrade at full price is $14 per day plus 18% gratuity =$16.52. Your 20% discount brings that to the $13.22 per day.
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