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  1. FreeBMD are looking for volunteers to transcribe records. When you open the page click on Free UK Genealogy FreeBMD Home Page
  2. I know this isn't P&O but it could be in a few years. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/business/19017882.port-sunderland-dips-toe-cruise-ship-market/
  3. Have you searched for the ship, there's some info and videos.
  4. That's a lot of names. Nice plaque though.
  5. Different name. FRIEND, CHARLES PEARCE GRO Reference: 1904 D Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 325
  6. There is a Dorothy Mary with the same numbers. Friend Dorothy Mary Devonport 5b 325 It's the same family I would say. FRIEND, DOROTHY MARY BARTLETT GRO Reference: 1904 D Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 325
  7. General Register Office (GRO) - Official information on births, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths What year was she born? Can you give me a name, or is it too close to share,
  8. I would prefer to go to North Shields to see her, but that will have to wait for a while.
  9. Currently in our area the libraries are giving free access to a couple of family history sites. All you need is your library card number. The big place where you order certificates from is free to search (after registration) and is the one where you can find out the mothers maiden surname before 1911. That National place in London is also currently allowing free downloads of some digital files.
  10. Dermotsgirl, I agree, a lot more information has come out the past few years. It's worth having another look.
  11. I haven't looked at records for French people, but I'm sure there must be some information about for him. Have you found where he's buried/commemorated. A lot of the British WW1 service records were burn but there is still other information to be found for them.
  12. Hope you have found lots of info on them.
  13. Depending on the age of your grandmother, you might be able to find out from the birth registration. If there is two for the same name with consecutive numbers that should confirm it. On one of the sites you can find out the mother's maiden surname from 1837 to 1911. After that date they are all included on searchable birth details.
  14. Ranchi, have you found the medal records for your Uncle from WW1. There should be a two of those available, possibly more depending on when he went overseas.
  15. Those are the type of things that I like to find out, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. It's good when it does though.
  16. I don't want to hijack the Vaccine thread, so this is a follow on to the posts about family trees. As has been mentioned before, it's a good way to occupy your mind from all the horrible things that are going on at the minute. It will help your wait for a cruise pass quicker. Avril you said that you can only get so far without help. Rather than going further back have you thought about adding more content to your tree. I like to add as much information as I can to a tree. Names, addresses, occupations, who they lived with, photos of houses, churches, places, certificates etc. To me
  17. Our local GP's joined together a couple of weeks before Christmas and did some vaccinations at a central hub. My Uncle who is over 80 got his done. A friend (80) went for hers at the same place, but because she had had an anaphylaxis episode when she was 28 they wouldn't give her the jab (Phizer). She had the Oxford one last week or the week before. Hubby had one last week at the Centre of Life given by a soldier. He got an email from Newcastle hospitals and had to book it online (due to job). We tried just after Christmas but you had to book two dates at once and there was only o
  18. Can you see her from South Shields if so from what point. I think the video Graham took last year of Oceana was from S Shields. If she's only there until the end of January, I doubt I will get to see her.
  19. I'm so disappointed at not being able to go and see her. It's just too far with the current restrictions. It would also mean a two way trip through the Tyne Tunnel with cameras catching your registration. It would though have been a good ride out for the car. Hopefully she will still be there when restrictions add eased. We should have been on her for the first time last year.
  20. My size and dh went on one in Germany and said never again and wouldn't recommend it. They travelled during the day and the views were of buildings and factories. Said she could have walked quicker than the boat was going. When they stopped it was only for a couple of hours and because it was later in the year (around October) a lot of places were closed up. Most of the people were in their cabins on an afternoon and with nothing to do she either walked laps around the boat in the rain or did a jigsaw puzzle. The only entertainment on a night was a pianist. She has a slight allergy issue
  21. If you do come up, I wouldn't mention that around DP, they still have high feelings re the strike.
  22. There's one at Dalton Park, Murton as well. Though it's a bit too far for some of you to travel to. This photo was taken the day that DP re-opened after the full lockdown, with some of the shops remaining closed. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on here for a while and don't usually follow this thread.
  23. Merry Christmas to all of you, Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for everyone, I think we need a new first foot, and a roundy of coal. Keep safe.
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