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  1. 2 hours ago, TiogaCruiser said:

    June 24, 2019 Tromso, Norway


    Tromso lies south of the North Cape, but well above the Arctic Circle. It is part of a large number of islands that make up an inside passage within Norway and part of the town lies on both sides of the channel. Tromso is a tourist destination during the dark months (November through March) when people come to see the northern lights. 


    We chose a shore excursion through the cruise line that took us about 30 minutes out of town to a large kennel where they have 160 Alaskan Huskies they train as sled dogs. The entertainment for the day was to play with the dogs, and to take some of them for a walk in the local countryside. These dogs are bred and taught to pull sleds.... which brings us to the big question:  

    How do you walk a sled dog? 


    We were given sturdy waterproof boots and large belts to cinch around our waists or upper hips that had 2 rings attached to them with heavy duty elastic. A dog was hitched up to both rings on the rig, and we were cautioned to lean backwards and use our weight to counteract the dog’s forward pulling. We walked through a bog area, up a hill to an area about a half a mile behind the kennel where there was a great view of the countryside and the surrounding mountains. As in other places we have seen, the hillsides were covered with beautiful wild flowers. On the way back it began to rain. Coming back down the hill we had to be extra careful to dig our heels into the hillside to prevent a too quick descent and/or fall. 


    After the walk we had a lunch of open faced Norwegian style sandwiches and chocolate cake in a reproduced Sami tent (lavvo). There was a roaring fire in an open fire cooking area in the center of the tent where they made coffee and heated water for tea. Staff brought in 2 puppies who were 3 weeks old for us to cuddle and socialize. 


    As our ship was right in town we dropped our things in our cabin and headed out to see a bit of the town. Walking around the old town, we found the church and went inside. We also found a market and took a little sidetrack through it. We have been hearing about the brown cheese that Norwegians love, and our guide had provided the name of it written down, so we were able to find it amid other cheese in the local market.


    Then we took in the Arctic Museum, with its exhibits on Roald Amundsen and much of the early exploration and trapping in the Arctic. It was quite interesting. 


    Sail away was followed by scenic cruising that lasted until we called it a night. Prinsendam kept the pilot onboard and took the inside passage to Narvik, which meant the scenery went on all night. (Remember, that sun is not setting up here, so we basically had all night scenic cruising.)  There were segments of the channel that were quite narrow, and there were farms and small villages all along the way, below soaring, snow covered mountains. And there were long stretches of barren wild land with tall cliffs that climbed directly up out of the water. 


    This cruise is going way too fast, with the half way point already here. And along with that, it will be another couple of days before we loose the 24 hour sunshine. 











    It sounds amazing.  I would have loved the all with the dogs and cuddling the little puppies.  Pictures are fantastic as usual, and you are correct, it goes too quickly.

  2. 11 minutes ago, TiogaCruiser said:

    The only ship model in the Explorers Lounge is of a gondola. I am currently sitting in the Oak Room and see no model of any kind here. I’m not seeing a surface that seems bare, so where was the model normally displayed? There are some book shelves that are partially filled, but they don’t look like anything is missing. The fireplace has 2 candlesticks and a picture of the King and Queen.



    The model of the Royal Viking Sun (Prinsendam) is on deck12 .  Walk straight off the elevators, instead of turning toward the Crows Nest, and you will literally run into it!

    Also, when I was there in April, they didn’t have much in Prinsendam merchandise, except small!!


  3. 18 minutes ago, TiogaCruiser said:

    Just got back from Canaletto. At one point 3 orcas jumped in unison across our wake, a few hundred feet from our stern. 


    On returning to to our room we had special books about Prinsendam, with reflections by Captain Dag. 

    Have these been available previously, or are they new?

    (Which brings up a guess about something coming up on our last sea day, after the farewell....)










    Laura, I knew about them and they are only for guests on the last cruise.   I was told it was one for each guest.  Is this true, or is it only one per cabin if you are married

  4. 14 hours ago, ithaca gal said:

    I was on the Eurodam in March which was her first cruise as a CD.  Unfortunately, many felt that she did not have the demeanor required for the job.  When we heard her talking disparagingly about other guests while saying "Well, the captain thinks I'm doing a great job", we were a little put off.  We heard that she was going to be the CD on the Prinsendam's last cruise and were quite surprised.


    Would like to know what you think.

    I don’t know her, but I do know she was not the first choice.  Linda was, but she had a family obligation, so she could not stay until the end.  I was on the 4/24 sailing, and spoke to many crew members and I found out that many in the shops, dining room, front desk,etc. we’re newbies.  Some to the PDam, and others new to HAL.  I thought it was strange, as well as Capt. Dag “retiring”.

  5. 1 hour ago, whogo said:

    I don't know what the new company gentleman said, but some of the changes can be found on the Phoenix Reisen website: https://www.phoenixreisen.com/amera.html


    The ship's exterior will be in the white with blue livery of Phoenix Reisen. The Crow's Nest becomes the Panorama-Lounge, photos show the current Prinsendam decor. Photos also show the current cabin decor. The Lido Deck pool is not detailed on the deck plan. A drawing shows the redesigned area Schöne Aussichten.



    The above photo also shows the Piano Salon (Currently the Explorer's Lounge) and Harry's Bar (Currently the Ocean Bar). Ten new cabins will take the place of the casino. Laundrettes remain. The Amera's premiere voyage is August 16. Great, diverse itineraries, I don't see any repeats. She sails to Norway and the Baltic before heading to the Mediterranean and Black Sea before a Canary Island cruise and then a 99 day South America circumnavigation, round trip Monaco.

    Thanks for the pictures.  I am not personally fond of modern style of decorating, but it looks very open and clean.  I can’t wait to see pictures when it is finished.

  6. On 6/10/2019 at 5:09 PM, grayjay said:

    There will be so many on this board who will follow your comments of Prinsendam's final journey as a HollandAmerica ship. We have cruised 4 times on her, fell in love with her and her lovely crew and will sorely miss her and the many international guests we have met and talked to and enjoyed meeting during these journeys.

    She will be refitted then , I think quite extensively , for her new owner. We'll be seeing her again then at the beginning of September on a visit at her new port of Bremerhaven, Germany to see how she has changed. It's an opportunity but we're not sure yet if it was a good idea to book that visit because of our memories and the possible changes. (She can be visited for a few hours at special dates for a fee including lunch.)

    Hi!  I was on her 4/24 and met a gentleman who worked with the new company.  He told me a few major changes that will happen.  If you care to know, you can email me at windy2@zoominternet.net.  I will not post here while people are still on her.  


  7. 22 hours ago, sansterre said:

    Bordeaux is also on my bucket list now.  The city looks interesting and we enjoy wine and wineries.

    Your blog is very well-written and the photos really bring it to life.  Thank you again!

    I checked the roll call and my brother posted on there just a week or so prior to sail date.  You promptly gave him additional instructions but he may not have returned to Roll Call to see them.       I now look forward to seeing his photos too!

    I invited you to come with me!

  8. On 5/1/2019 at 5:52 PM, sansterre said:

    Porto is now on my bucket list!  Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Looks like you threw quite the party in your suite.  In one of the photos I saw Lynn from my home town in Ohio;  we met her on a cruise several years ago.  However, I did not see my brother.  Bob joined the cruise in March, had trouble figuring out how to get on Cruise Critic, finally posted just a week or two prior to sailing intending to go to the M&G.

    I can't wait to see the next two ports as I have not bee there either.  Enjoy!

    I will get to tell you all I know when I get back.  Will give you an update on ports, and Bob!

  9. 1 hour ago, cfgrandma said:

    I was really disappointed to to read your statement "Got our tiles but believe it or not - it’s the one that features the Veendam and Volendam & not the Prinsendam.???  Not a Stephen Card one either."


    The Prinsendam was a favorite ship for my Dad (he passed in 2004).  He took our family on a Christmas cruise in 1998 and we have been cruising every since.  We are joining the ship in Dover and I was looking forward to getting the Prinsendam tiles.





    If worse comes to worst, I found a great one on EBay a couple of years ago.

  10. Kazu,  

    you are welcome.  That is one of the reasons I switched cruises at the last minute.. I had already done the North Cape Cruise, and without Dag, I didn’t HAVE to be on the last cruise.  We also had a strange group on CC, so I joined  the 4/24.  I am glad I did!  Friendlier group, an itinerary I haven’t done before, with the opportunity to stay over in London with a minimum of fuss.  

    Cant wait to be onboard again before too many changes are made.

  11. SusieQ,  he said thin people were discontinued.  He did not make fun of “fat” or handicapped passengers.  Also, this was an old post.  I am so tired of people who have to complain about themselves.  In general, people are overweight in th U.S.  that is a statistical fact!  You are are so insecure and embarrassed by your weight, you lash out and misinterpreted the post entirely.

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