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  1. They have some grilled chicken breasts on the buffet for at least a couple of the days, but they are not like the ones in the MDR. They are very small and will have some type of sauce or seasoning on them.
  2. It's going to be the same nearly as last year. Have fun on your cruise
  3. Thats exactly the way I do mine. Even the mr and mrs, and the birthdays, change a little then save. If people cant figure out they dont have to pay $50 to change a name from tba to their actual name then im not going to worry about it for them.
  4. Personally I would book in the name thats in my passport now and present that at check in. Its not complicated.
  5. Thanks for clarifying. When I book I put in my own name, when I later check it has automatically added the the tbd or tba for the second passenger. Whatever that means to you.
  6. I have never added the second passenger name at the time if booking and never been charged a fee to add it. I guess experiences vary though.
  7. Book in only your future husbands name, leave your name as a tbd or tba... fill it in later once you get ids squared away.
  8. Lol, no that wasnt me. I think once when I quoted a guy who said he tipped five dollars for a "fresh" burger you thought that I had said that.... Funny stuff!! I can take them or leave them myself, mostly leave them. The deli, to me, as really upped its game and those sandwiches are good. Im not talking about that premade business on the breeze though...bleh. the cuban mixto on the valor is soo good.
  9. As far as the people that dont show up, those are their cabins until they cancel with carnival. They can join the cruise at the first foreign port.
  10. I know for a fact in Galveston there is rarely a cabin on any of the ships beyond the 1or 2 they leave open for emergency maintenance issues. All those people that work in the terminal can go on the cruises on standby, if space is available. More than half the time there isnt a free (literally) cabin open for them. Do they get to go? Absolutely, from time to time. I know some though that dont even request to because the odds are so slim. September and right after new years are the best time for them to have a good chance of going. Do further put it in perspective, if there are 5 cabins morning of, then there is a good chance. However, carnival will sell cabins right up until embark starts, so they may still be denied. 5 cabins is a lot to have open, and the likelihood of those being something you want to upgrade to are slim. If you really want to upgrade call carnival the morning of your cruise and they will communicate with the gsm on the ship, if its a possibility to take more of your money, or upgrade your room I mean.
  11. Actually they do have a list of empty cabins but they cannot assign them.
  12. If an accident happens then yes, I may would have to. I pack where I can reuse clothes, so not a heavy packer. Each cruiser is different, whatever allows us to have fun is what we should do!
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