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  1. Here we go just speculating and guessing, trying to rationalize if scenarios
  2. I would think they are prioritizing these requests in relation to the odds of sailing.
  3. You have already confirmed with them they will apply the credit to the cruise you wanted them to, right?
  4. I wonder if it also means that my cruise is back on since it says I have xx amount of days until cruising! Maybe I'll call and ask that question.
  5. Dont they match up the date of births? I'm thinking they should
  6. 2276 is unobstructed. The room beside of it moving toward the front of the ship is also.
  7. I had fun on the breeze for a few cruises, latest one was January on a two week itinerary. Great crew and crew leaders.
  8. I find when I book last minute and they assign me a room that many times it's a wheelchair accessible room. Always best to call though to be sure you get what you want.
  9. It's a very unique cruise and itinerary. Goes to roatan, panama, Colombia, bonaire, curacao, san Juan, and nassau. I like the two week ones but they go by pretty fast also
  10. I've got a two week one booked in February, I hope we get to sail!
  11. Lol, I understand. I'm booked for the panama canal trip on November 1st. I knew one of us weren't going! Hopefully we both can.
  12. I haven't really noticed either but I only search the ones for my ports.
  13. Probably because that's what Carnival calls it when it shows up on your new booking.
  14. The same situation here. The one I got from Expedia said they could handle the transaction.
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