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  1. Also, don't expect too many benefits of being "priority" on this trip. 1/3 of the ship will have this privilege.
  2. Are you going out of galveston? I've been on some journeys cruises from there, one during Halloween. People do dress up, and they go waaaaay out. On the freedom, in my experience, there will be about 6-800 plats and diamonds, out of the the 3200-3300 that will be on the ship on the journeys cruise. There won't be many kids, probably less than 50 below the age of 18. The average age of the cruisers will be much higher. Halloween will be awesome!!
  3. I agree with those that say pay for what you want, if you're concerned about where you may be placed. Sometimes, such as my case where I book at the last minute, it's all that available and actually more expensive than if I had booked what I wanted early on. I'm good wherever they place me, sometimes good, sometimes not do good, but always on the ship :=))
  4. Your tone indicates to me that you'd be just as happy if they didn't have this benefit. The 25% credit is applied to a cruise of your choice after your milestone. There is one at 50, 75, and 100 also.
  5. Oh, ok. Since everyone was talking about sailaway and not the last sea day I wasn't clear.
  6. I haven't been invited either, what are they trying to tell us?
  7. The training part sounds about right.
  8. I really find it hard to believe that it's a 10 lb average gain. For me the foods that I usually don't enjoy that I do on the ship are worked off by the walking, dancing, etc....
  9. Thanks! I've taken assigned rooms before and had rooms that I would never have picked but never one that I would have said "if this is my room I'm not going". Lol
  10. I've been by them before but never shared a wall with one. The upper/lower is new to us, but maybe that means more floor space. It's going to be a great cruise, I'm just glad a room opened up this close to sailing.
  11. More cuddling means neither me or my husband are sleeping in the top bunk. I'm not asking for anything more!
  12. I'm so desperate to get a cruise in before my next scheduled one that I booked a previously sold out one that sails in less than 7 days. Yay!! My dilemma is that I was clicking through the book now price, getting more and more excited, and when I gotten end it said "this price is for the upper/lower". When looking at these, there are some with hallways on both sides (deck 11) and there are some right next to an elevator. I mean it butts up against the elevator... eek!!!! Anyway, I'm nervous, but excited. I can't wait to be in my first upper/lower!! More cuddling, lol
  13. I'm glad carnival has a large window of time to choose from when it comes to dinner.
  14. Maybe they are repuncuating your original request. Give them a few more days to get the periods and commas in the right place.
  15. Pop to the max starts with max headroom and video killed the radio star, hungry like the wolf, and girls just wanna have fun. Also has a Michael Jackson portion... sound familiar? If not,it's probably the other one.
  16. Yes, you can get out of paying for cheers for one of the adults by booking like this. Then you can switch rooms onboard to stay with the other "non-drinking" adult.
  17. Keep your booking the same, and have your sail and sign cards matched to the room you want to stay in onboard. Carnival doesn't really care where you sleep, or who with.
  18. Better safe than sorry. I know I can go a few hours without drinking anything.
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