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  1. If you make a selection once and try to do it again you will get a message saying they have already received it. It's a good way to double check
  2. People still eat, but the way they eat change. Grocery stores are hiring, restaurants are closing. One example of many changes, but yes people still eat.
  3. I think there will still be many more questions than answers
  4. They will only announce the cancellation of cruises through the 15th on Monday. You're going to be in limbo for a little longer.
  5. I think we will be cruising in November. I hope I am right, not because I will be at sea for 28 days, but just for the fact that i can come back and say "see?? I told you so!!" Fingers crossed!!!
  6. Carnival doesnt sail out of Galveston on a Tuesday, usually...... if the 15th is a true date I wonder if they will wait until the weekend or rain some shirt cruises.
  7. I've got the $98 deposit down on mine for mid September. No big deal if they cancel on me. I'd like to cruised but there is too much uncertainty to go ahead and pay the rest to have it cancelled.
  8. I dont write reviews but dont mind answering questions about the experience. I'm not entirely comfortable in going, and I want to see what others say first. 😷🌍😷
  9. I booked this one last July. The price has really dropped since then. I think our final payment date is the 30th of june.
  10. Who knows where half the stuff that people post on here comes from. Most seems to be from their imagination.....
  11. I'm on freedom on the 13th, I'm not paying anything towards it until I see ships sailing. If I miss out i miss out. Same with my 3 cruises booked on freedom in november.
  12. They buy art though. I'm sure carnival will probably survive with or without your willingness to follow their giidelines.
  13. I can see people dragging the sun loungers up to the bar and camping out
  14. Let the speculation begin! (Again)
  15. There seems to be a contradiction in there somewhere. Anyway, glad to know your state doesnt have as many as others dying. Kudos to you.
  16. How will they know its us when we present our ids in the terminal if have our masks on? The way other rules are "enforced" I wouldn't expect a big change
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