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  1. you seemed to know so much about it the other day, almost psychic....
  2. Hopefully you can get a discount on cheers. Good luck.
  3. Most definitely. Those people have forgotten its carnivals business though and need to vote with their wallets if they are not happy with the decision. People that truly love to cruise could care less.
  4. I would contact them asap in hope they can redo the usb.
  5. Absolutely benefits will be lost. Myself I'm not worried about any changes, its carnival's business and not mine. Me and everyone can choose if we want to be customers or not, but we are not their partners and they owe us nothing.
  6. How are you going to get on the ship before you arrive??
  7. I hope its 200 for platinum and 500 for diamond. Some of the questions I see here from people going to be platinum tells me they aren't experienced enough yet. And why overhaul if they give out the same number of perks. Some will lose them.
  8. Your boarding pass will clearly state the final boarding time.
  9. You no longer will be sailing as the seas will now part for you.
  10. It looked like a thin sliced steak that had been fried. Not coated with anything either. By fried I mean cooked and then alot of grease poured over it. I'm not judging, it just wasn't for me.
  11. No, in the MDR. It's one of those items that is "carnival's version of". I was ordering it once and the waiter said " it's not what you expect." Lol I didn't order it but saw it once on the buffet. He was right. 🙂
  12. They master the routine in Miami. Once on the ship they do not practice very much. They have people that occasionally watch the show to monitor character"s performances, and if it begins to vary from the way its supposed to be they will practice again to touch it up.
  13. No sides or desserts or apps either. Only steak because it's a steakhouse. Maybe water, if its bottled.
  14. Have you ever tried their chicken fried steak?
  15. I've done it a few times on a few ships. Although you visit mostly the same places, it will vary even on the same ship a month between tours. Also the people you meet vary too, as well as the things you learn. It seems you speak to whomever may not be busy in the areas you visit. Definitely worth seeing, and probably seeing again, and maybe a 3rd time. If you dont like walking or climbing stairs then dont go.
  16. I wouldn't think that is allowed for you or them.
  17. It's about like the rest of them. Gary is really funny and I love to see his trivia parties.
  18. Two bites may be an exaggeration ... 2.5-3 bites is not....
  19. Go overboard with that and they will block your account. Be reasonable and it won't be a problem.
  20. I dont think you will see any or all offerings for some time still
  21. I was on for two weeks just got back about 9 days ago. No issues here.
  22. May or may not be available on every ship....
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