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  1. Actually I find the opposite. Just for curiosity can you confirm that statement with your neighbor? I usually see the earylate line as the busiest by far, with the ontime as usually emptier than the priority line. It does have little spikes though on the half hour but still..... On another note, when they handed out cards before they started printed out the zones on the pass around last january, there were 25 cabins approximately per zone. I'd guess it's about the same now but who knows.
  2. With an a04 you'll be boarding within 30 minutes of boarding beginning, on a normal non-journey cruise
  3. Correct. By the way, others are talking about the early/late lines and boarding times. These are independent of each other and two separate processes. One is getting you checked in. The other is getting you on the ship. IF they have started boarding and IF they have cleared the waiting area, you could have zone zz9million and you will walk right on the ship after check in. They stop calling zone numbers when they reach open boarding. Open boarding is reached when they call numbers and hardly anyone is coming up to go in. For example, they may call c1, if hardly
  4. I haven't seen the stand fans as someone described, but I've received one that sits on the counter. Kind of large for a counter but it blew air and I didn't have to carry one on.
  5. Lol, not a contest to me. Keep cruising and you'll catch up!
  6. In grand cayman you can easily catch a "bus" (usually a little bus that acts taxi style) that will take you down to 7 mile beach for $2.50 per person. There is a beverage store on the right right before you get there, if needed. In cozumel, taxi prices are posted. It costs as much for 1 or 2 as it does for 4. I think the closet beaches are about 16 each way, for up to 4. Palancar and further out are around 30. Jamaica, if you happen to be going to falmouth, has a beach nearly next to the port. Carnival sells it as an excursion though. Montego bay has
  7. Cheers kicks in at 6am on the second day. Ask your room steward when it will be delivered on the second day, they will know and maybe even be the ones that deliver it. I'm not sure why you would buy bottles having cheers but no need to explain. Have fun!
  8. Is your name not on their birth certificate? Doesnt seem to challenging to me.
  9. Cruise employees are usually not police officers and are not trying to figure out if you're breaking the law. How many are in your cabin? Are you travelling with a passport or birth certificate? Would you like to open an account with a credit card or cash today? Where is so and so? (In the event they happen to notice not all of your cabin mates are checked in. That's all they ask unless given reason to ask more. Anything else slows you down from getting from the terminal to the ship.
  10. You can order bananas to your room, they are listed on the card... I think if you put two you will get a carafe and 2 cups. Put 4 and get a carafe and 4 cups. Cold if you put 4 you will get 4 individual cups, the same ones as on the lido.
  11. The first person you see with a carnival badge tell them you have a son with a disability and you were asked by carnival to contact a supervisor. They will relay the message and the supervisor will come out. It will probably be the supervisor that handles special needs as they are usually the first group you encounter. If you do not, the first indication to staff is when they scan your boarding pass or passport, after standing in line. They will get a message to "see supervisor" which will cause you more of a delay while they track down the supervisor that is in charge of that tea
  12. 11th journeys cruise just completed, 12,13, and 14th booked. I do them for the ports that aren't visited too often.
  13. I'm on one now on the breeze and love it. This is our 7th journeys cruise.
  14. Lol cruisers are cruisers no matter their color. What are you all bitching about??
  15. Check with shore excursion as soon as you board and ask. Its usually the last sea day and about $100 per person.
  16. They must have been a saint to share that code!
  17. I tried 100year hoping for a 100,000 points but it kicked me off.
  18. Folio number is not on the boarding pass. But still, they scan the bar code (quickest) or look you up by name or room number.
  19. Since you're so knowledgeable please provide examples of them all. I dont drink alot but I want to drink like a king for a week and try everything.
  20. It takes only a few minutes to book it yourself. Take the best deal.
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