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  1. I called the Crown and Anchor desk. The rep told me the ship is completely sold out , NO availability of any suites, or any other categories. Thanks Clarea, you were correct!
  2. That's strange, because the last time I was able to see the 2/7/20 Explorer on "Find a Cruise" (which was just before Christmas), there were no suites (GS and above) available, yet, I received a Royal Up email 12/31. Maybe I need to clear the cache on my browser (or sacrifice a chicken to the RC IT gods). Can anybody else get to that sailing through RCI's "Find a Cruise" on the web site?
  3. Actually, that's why I looked under "Find a Cruise". I wanted to see what was actually available for upgrade before I placed a bid....
  4. I do not know - this is the first time I have experienced the disappearing cruise scenario. Do they disappear from "Find a Cruise" when sold out? Maybe that's what happened, if so.
  5. That's my late, beloved yellow labrador. She had so much fun in that ski mask (knew she looked good).
  6. Twangster, I don't believe we have met (maybe, somewhere via RC Periscopers) , but I hope I get to meet you some day.
  7. Thank you for your response - just kind of freaking me out that our 2/07/20 Explorer cruise doesn't show up when I look on RCI's website.
  8. I noticed the absence of Explorer February '20 9 night cruises last week. Anyone heard if the dry dock schedule is sliding to the left? And of course, I got a "Royal Up" email today for the 2/7/2020 sailing, which no longer shows in the "Find a Cruise" part of the RCI website ...
  9. Sorry - haven't been on the boards since my post. I believe she is headed to dry dock in mid-May. Mariner is coming to PC, and Harmony will be doing a couple of 3-nighters out of PC as well.
  10. I agree with the rust. We sailed late in 2018, then a couple of times so far this year. In my opinion, there has been a definite downturn with respect to the outside of the ship. Lots of visible rust. Not just in spots, but like it's draining down on the rest of the ship from above. I was thinking maybe it was cost saving because they are going to dry dock, but like I said, just my opinion. The inside was just as the OP said, looked great. BTW, I have mentioned the rust on the last couple of surveys. As usual, the crew was outstanding. Galveston folks, y'all are going to love her.
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