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  1. I can understand the disappointment of those who cancelled before Viking cancelled and offered the 125% credit. Although it would certainly be nice for you if Viking offered the added 25%, you did have one possible advantage. If you cancelled early enough to rebook another cruise, you are ahead of all of those who are madly trying to rebook a cruise and perhaps had better options available and not such a crush of other cruisers demanding attention of Viking staff. Either way, Viking has done an excellent job and provided a generous offer. This did not impact me as my two booked cruises are 9 a
  2. Thank you all for your Hong Kong money and travel tips. We'll be there in less than 3 weeks. It's getting real!
  3. We'll be in Hong Kong for a couple of days next month and wonder about currency needs. We plan to explore some on our own, using public transportation. What is needed for bus and/or train fare (HKD or Credit Card)? Do we need to purchase tickets before or can we do on boarding bus or train? We may bus from airport to our hotel. Also wondering about tipping. Are credit cards accepted in most businesses and restaurants? I would expect cash is needed for smaller vendors.
  4. Thanks! Nagasaki will be our first port in Japan.
  5. We will be arriving Japan by cruise ship in Nagasaki. Will our passport by stamped there?
  6. Thank you robinhood1 and MVCACruisers for the information. I always like advance notice if possible, when there might be disruptions to plans. We will plan to leave the ship as early as possible those days.
  7. Thanks so much for your review of ports and excursions. This is the way we enjoy travelling as well. We plan to extend on our own with one day extra in Hong Kong and several days in Japan, visiting Kyoto, using the bullet train. I haven't begun any real planning yet. October will be here faster than we expect. I just read a forum from another cruise line where the passenger mentioned having to repeatedly go through immigrations and how it took hours re-entering Japan from Busan. I wondered about your experience with 4 countries and entering Japan twice. Thanks once agai
  8. We're looking forward to our Far Eastern Horizons tour in October 2019. Since this itinerary is new for 2019, it seems like it would be good to pool our ideas, resources and experiences for all four 2019 sailings. We took our first Viking Cruise this year, Into the Midnight Sun" and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is my first Asian trip and my husband's 2nd. I expect to be looking into private excursions to supplement Viking's Included and Optional tours. On our recent cruise, I arranged two very enjoyable private tours, connecting with people on our ship through the CC board and hope to do
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