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  1. We wear my homemade masks or disposable masks when we are indoors in public places even though we have both been vaccinated. but for our travels, we decided to purchase KN95 masks for our Iceland cruise on 6/26. After reading about these break through cases on Viking ships, I think I would do as others have suggested and wear those masks everywhere I go, at least before and during travel.
  2. Usual tickle up the nose and also swab of mouth (separate swab). Quick and painless. No line when we arrived at testing area.
  3. Great summation V! We were on the same flight as V and also staying at the same place. We bought our Flybus ticket online (using Airport wifi) when we arrived at the airport. As vslparis said, you can also buy on bus. We walked from Bus terminal to hotel, which was about a mile. It was a little challenging with suitcase wheels on uneven sidewalks but it was good to stretch our legs and see some sights. We arrived at hotel shortly after V. Took an early check-in and took a nap. When I woke, my negative test results were in (12:11 after 7:00 arrival). Yay! We'll be off to explore the city.
  4. I just checked the rules and this is what it says so I'm wondering how a short walk is defined. I regularly walk 5 miles. So anything up to that would be a normal short walk, wouldn't it?
  5. I plan to do the same so should be able to let you know. I'd also like to swing by the Duty-Free. I watched a YouTube travel video by a young couple who travelled on their own to Iceland in May. They didn't mention the ATM but they did say they stopped at the Duty Free. They then picked up a rental vehicle and went to their hotel for a nap. They had a message of their negative test results when they woke.
  6. Us too! This is what the Hotel told us: Early check-in can only be guaranteed, if you book the full prior night. We can always store your luggage free of charge until the check-in time. I really don't want to pay an extra night's rate for a few hours. We would love to be able to just drop our bags and go until we're ready to drop for the day. I would be okay with walking around outside, doing the Sculpture Shore walk, general sightseeing, people watching or window shopping, if they permitted it and I would be fine with doing it with our KN95 masks. I'm hoping the weather is as good as this forecast....and we can get out and enjoy most of our first day!
  7. If you know you will not make the reservation, it would be good to cancel so that the spot opens for someone else. You can do it using the your room TV or stopping by the Restaurant. You may also be able to use the Viking Voyager app?
  8. Thanks Peregrina651! We'll be heading there on Wednesday and arriving in Iceland at 7:00 am on 6/24. Hoping we test negative and hear quickly. I'm wondering if they will be able to give us an estimated time and what/how we can expect to hear.
  9. Well that makes at least 3 parties on the same flight. Momof4 is on that flight as well. We all plan to do Golden Circle tour the next day too. We have freed up at least six slots on the Viking Golden Circle tour for fellow passengers. I hope we don't just end up sitting in a hotel lobby while we wait. I don't see how all of the listed hotels would have enough extra rooms for people to isolate in.
  10. We are also arriving at 7:00 am (United from EWR on 6/24) two days prior to cruise. Our room is scheduled to be available for check-in at 3:00 pm. Not sure what we'll be doing. I guess our plan is to go to the hotel and at least drop our luggage and see what they say. Hoping Iceland's process changes. I'd really like to just have some time to walk around the city on arrival day and then do Golden Circle the next day.
  11. I can understand the disappointment of those who cancelled before Viking cancelled and offered the 125% credit. Although it would certainly be nice for you if Viking offered the added 25%, you did have one possible advantage. If you cancelled early enough to rebook another cruise, you are ahead of all of those who are madly trying to rebook a cruise and perhaps had better options available and not such a crush of other cruisers demanding attention of Viking staff. Either way, Viking has done an excellent job and provided a generous offer. This did not impact me as my two booked cruises are 9 and 14 months away and I can relax knowing that Viking will take care of me.
  12. Thank you all for your Hong Kong money and travel tips. We'll be there in less than 3 weeks. It's getting real!
  13. We'll be in Hong Kong for a couple of days next month and wonder about currency needs. We plan to explore some on our own, using public transportation. What is needed for bus and/or train fare (HKD or Credit Card)? Do we need to purchase tickets before or can we do on boarding bus or train? We may bus from airport to our hotel. Also wondering about tipping. Are credit cards accepted in most businesses and restaurants? I would expect cash is needed for smaller vendors.
  14. Thanks! Nagasaki will be our first port in Japan.
  15. We will be arriving Japan by cruise ship in Nagasaki. Will our passport by stamped there?
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