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  1. We were out fishing in San Juan Bay yesterday and I snapped this pic. Thought you FOS fans would enjoy it
  2. We’re currently on Summit and purchased internet service. I expected slow service, but this achingly slow (constantly drops out). I’ve tested the speed with Speedtest a few of times over the past two days. Usually it fails because the ping takes over 1500 ms. Attached are the results of the three that succeeded. They were run in stateroom 8th deck, theater, cafe al bacio. 2-3 mbps consistently. That speed is beyond appalling. I talked to the guy down by guest relations and he said that’s the way it is. I asked him how slow the surfing package is, because I can barely load email and look at CC. He said the speed is the same, they just block YouTube, fb videos, Snapchat, streaming services, etc. At the price celebrity charges for the internet, I expected higher speed. Not the speed I get at home, but at worst a quarter of that. I’m getting about 2% of my speed at home. No, I don’t need the internet to watch movies, etc. I need it to check and respond to emails from work once or twice a day. The Xcelerate Internet is pretty close to unusable and incredibly expensive at that. A complete ripoff. Addendum: took 3 tries to post this response!
  3. On deck 8 aft and I’m told they don’t. Thanks everyone. I’ll have to rethink my cabin selection next year for our Greek isles cruise on Constellation.
  4. I thought I had read on CC that the partitions can be opened up between adjoining balconies but our room steward says they can’t. Is this just available on the larger ships?
  5. DW and I were on the Zenith for our honeymoon back in 2001!
  6. So does this mean that I would be able to text my kids without buying the internet package when we're on Summit in a couple of weeks?
  7. Does this mean Summit will have this option when it comes out of Revolution?
  8. Yes, I had found it that way too, but it's been missing from the CC website for 3 days now. Another of the Celebrity website gremlins I suppose
  9. Looking at Caribbean cruises for April on the CC website and the April 13, 2019 Summit cruise is not appearing.
  10. On the Equinox last April, the ship was late sailing away from Bonaire. We were up in the Oceanview watching the pier and a couple came running down to the boat. Not sure why they were running because it was still 5 minutes before all aboard, but they were. We couldn't hear anything but clearly the folks on the port side balconies were hooting and hollering at them because the guy stopped and took a big bow. And then we didn't sail away on time. About a half hour later an ambulance showed up and sat there. About 15 minutes later they took some poor lady off on a stretcher, accompanied by her husband (or traveling companion?). Still we did not sail away. Then we saw about a half dozen pieces of luggage being put out on the dock. Still didn't sail away. Finally a taxi showed up, loaded the luggage and drove off (I suppose this was the luggage for the couple who went off in the ambulance). Then we finally sailed away, about 90 minutes late.
  11. We did Aruba Outdoor Adventures last year. Great trip. You use pedal kayak’s to get out to the reef. He’s on Facebook.
  12. LOL. I saw Jerry Springer: The Opera in a theater in London a dozen or so years ago. I used the loo during intermission, and they had special Jerry Springer: The Opera toilet paper in the stalls. So I took a few squares as a souvenir. Still have it in a box somewhere.
  13. My teenage boys did it last year on Equinox and loved it. Ask the guys to sign the pieces they do with you, they typically don't unless you ask
  14. It's a shame. When we cruised Celebrity (Zenith I think) on our honeymoon back in 2001, we had a port stop in Caracas (La Guaira). Beautiful city and great people.
  15. There was also a very good American Experience: Panama Canal on PBS about 6 or 7 years ago. You can probably find it on Youtube if you do a search.
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