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  1. Yes that was the statement, the original post just has the wrong year.
  2. You have a valid point. I would hope for a lower fare. I just watched a RCCL video yesterday and Matt was discussing 7 things cruisers need to know. And New vs Old was one pont, and the only guarantee on a new ship is the Higher Price is what I took away from the discussion.
  3. I received our cancellation of the Feb 7 Santiago to LA cruise late last night. No note of any terms for FCC or refund. This was booked by a travel agent so I have asked them what the options are.
  4. The delays we are concerned about are shipyard delays, so the penalty would not be the issue, maybe a penalty to the builder, but due to Covid being the cause, I would hope not.
  5. Just watching it on the PTZtv webcam, does not seem like much progress is occurring. Wish they could at least get the trim on the building done! would look better on Camera. Ships have been docking in front of the terminal lately. Anyone know where they direct the passengers since the terminal is not open? Are the boarding tubes working?
  6. The Sun cruise next manager said April just last week.
  7. Passport card works fine for the real ID
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