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  1. We have Jan 24 out of New Orleans. Part of me is hoping it gets cancelled, but if it sails we'll be on it.
  2. We booked and paid for our Jan 2021 cruise in February of this year. I wouldn't be surprised if the cruise gets cancelled and there's a lot of talk about reduced capacity, and who knows how that will play out. As far as flights and hotel goes, I don't want to spend and lose a bunch of money if the cruise gets cancelled. Especially since airline tickets cost about the same as a cruise. I also don't want to wait too long and end up not being able to get a hotel or flight. Maybe that last part won't be an issue if people aren't traveling yet in January, but once again, who knows. Any suggestions for ways to book flights and a hotel without the risk of losing all that money? If it comes to it, our place to New Orleans is about a 10 hour drive. I hate driving, and I really don't want to do that, but at least it's an option. Not being able to get a hotel room would be the bigger issue. Thanks!
  3. Are any of the Sandal's resorts close to "civilization" where a person could do something akin to a shore excursion? Specifically, I find it terribly fascinating to get away from the tourist areas and see how the real people live.
  4. Getting off topic here, but I have wondered about this myself. We have a cruise booked for January (we booked in February just before all the madness started lol) and it's way more than 25% booked Just using your 25% number as an example here because who knows. I can see restricting new bookings but what about all the people already booked? They'd have to determine some way to cut down on passengers.
  5. We're still fairly new to cruising. On our first cruise we didn't book any excursions. All the choices seemed so overwhelming and I figured there would be a lot to do in the ports. It turns out I was mistaken. lol Now we book, and pay in advance, a Carnival excursion at almost all ports. The exceptions being Half Moon Cay (I didn't see any reason to book an excursion at a private island) and Grand Turk (I wanted to visit the Salt House and the salinas) this year. Going forward I expect we'll book excursions in advance for almost all ports. The exception being tender ports. I tend to get sea sick on smaller vessels in rough water. Belize was absolutely no fun since I was queasy the whole time.
  6. My Cruise Planner says the same thing. I think it's a bug with the system, or something. Late dining and early dining aren't checked so "confirmed" should be YTD. It wouldn't hurt to talk to your PVP, though.
  7. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Ft. Lauderdale Cruise-Airport. It was clean, close the the airport and cruise port, and there were restaurants within walking distance. The included breakfast was pretty good. The staff was friendly. They have a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the cruise port. I'm not positive about onsite parking, but I think the couple in front of us at checkin were talking about parking during their cruise, so I think it's available.
  8. We were on the Carnival Magic in January. There was a board on the Promenade deck, close to the Alchemy Bar, with little cards with numbers on them. There will be an announcement over the intercom when the numbers are available. We didn't have any excursions booked, so we just went down after breakfast and grabbed a number. It was number 46, or something like that, but there were plenty of lower numbers available. The cruise director would announce which numbers were available for boarding the tender over the intercom. We were on the island with plenty of time to play in the water before lunch. My advice would be to grab the lowest number available. When the CD announced the numbers he would say something like "1 through 46 can now board the tenders". You don't have to board the tender right when your number is called.
  9. We did it on our Carnival Magic cruise this year. It was very interesting. We got to see the galley, the engine control room (not the engines), the crew common area, the bridge, and a few other areas. We got a professional photo of the group with the captain, a ball cap, a bag, a rubber bracelet, and a lanyard. After the tour was done we got mimosas and orange juice. All of this was included in the price. My only small gripe was that it took almost 4 hours and my back was aching after so much time walking on concrete. Eat breakfast before you go! I'm not sure if I would do it again, but I'm definitely glad that I got to do it. Totally worth it. I would recommend it at least once.
  10. We were on this cruise as well. The ship sure was rockin' the first couple of nights due to the wind and the choppy water! We were on deck 9 so we probably felt it more.
  11. Not much. I think a CD can make a cruise a little better, but I'm not sure they can make it worse. On our first cruise we had Peter McGarth who was hilarious and seemed to be everywhere. His personality was just infectious and you were glad to be around him. Last year we had some guy who was incredibly dull. I can't even remember his name. He wasn't rude or anything, just not particularly engaging. We only saw him once. This year we had Simon London. We didn't see him terribly often, but when we did he seemed to be really friendly and outgoing and enjoying his job. I wouldn't choose or deny a cruise based on the CD.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I'll give them a call. I had to deal with a similar, but much worse, itinerary change for our cruise trip last January. I wonder if I wouldn't be better off waiting until closer to the date of our trip to book airline tickets.
  13. The airline changed our flight itinerary for our upcoming January cruise. We now only have 40 minutes between our arrival and our departure for the next leg of the flight. I have never been to Bush Airport but this seems to be cutting it too close for comfort, at least for me. And that's assuming that everything is on time. Will we be able to make it to our connecting flight in 40 minutes or should I call the airline and try to work something out? I suppose it's possible that the itinerary will change again between now and January. The airline website says that if the change is greater than 30 minutes, and it is, that they may be able/willing to make changes for no charge.
  14. I don't feel pride about that stuff. I'm indifferent about it. I don't care what anyone else thinks about the ship that I'm on. The important thing is that I'm having fun. I do think it would be interesting if you were able to tour other ships while you were in port. I understand that this isn't going to happen. I have only ever been on Carnival, and I have no intention of trying other lines at this point, but I think it would be fun to see ships from other lines.
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