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  1. The terminal parking has been full recently. They’ve had to turn some cars away. We went out on the Dawn, left 10/19. We arrived to the port around 10, the gate was up. Initially we were told to park “down the street” at another garage. Hubby dropped me off with the bags to check them in, he called me after about 20 minutes saying it would be a far walk, he was picking me back up and we’d figure out parking together. We found a cop, they said to find a side street until noon, then come back, hopefully lot would be open. We were third in line waiting when they opened up the gate. They only let 11 cars in. Others were out of luck, and had to find a garage to park at. It’s been full a lot more recently than usual. If you are planning on parking at the pier, have a backup plan in case the lot is full.
  2. Used it last year to check on contractor (we were having our kitchen redone while we were away on cruise), vet (our cat was boarded for her first time), and countertop people. Loved having this perk. It’s a lot of numbers to punch in phone, but wished we remembered it sooner in our cruise. Didn’t come close to using all the minutes. I believe it pops up on the other end as a very weird number... contractor didn’t always pick up since he thought it was telemarketer/SPAM caller
  3. I’m on the Dawn this year for Halloween!!!! Can’t wait😊 hubby and I got our costumes several weeks ago. Many hints/must dos on the Dawn? It’s a 14 day Southern Caribbean
  4. We were on deck 12.... no noise (even had balcony door open some nights to get nice fresh air in and listen to water). I believe it’s loud a deck or two down from Spice H20, though... the room next to us remained unsold... we wound up “having a neighbor at night”... it was too loud in his room to sleep, but his wife needed the handicap cabin. He slept in room next to us at night, and went up to his regular cabin during the day
  5. Thank you so much for your review!!! I ❤️ Ur attitude 😊😊
  6. How did you pull these up?? I’m interested in our days at sea when we see other ships who they are...
  7. My husband and I were there on a tour in November.... was very interesting!!!!
  8. Loving this review....(is it bad I find it entertaining??? Sorry for you, but thanks for the entertainment)
  9. I’m booked on 10/19-11/2. We still have NO excursions for two of the ports. We’ve been told they should be up shortly... I’m sure they (NCL) are still playing catch-up from Cuba closing, and now dealing with the hurricane. Looking several times a day for new excursions. Waiting patiently...
  10. Loved our aft balcony on Escape room 12910. Had doors open some nights to listen to the water/wake. Not too loud. Husband napped most days with balcony door open to hear it. Had some vibrations most of the time, but nothing too major. Would definitely do it again!!! Soot was nonexistent for us. Had two reclining chairs, a small table, and two regular sitting chairs. Enjoy the aft!!!!
  11. I’ve never done ocean view (only balcony), but I toy with the idea when bidding for an upgrade (to minisuite or suite). Have yet to bid any time because of where cabin may be (cruise coming up is on Dawn... most mini suites are under pool deck... NO THANK YOU... sister-in-law did that one cruise and slept like crap due to hearing chairs dragging across deck, the music, etc). Learning through others experiences 😊
  12. Balcony, as long as it’s not directly above or below clubs, weight room, pool deck, garden cafe/dining areas, etc
  13. Used this several times to call our contractor and vet where cat was being boarded. Number comes up on their end as out of country (contractor rarely picked up but would message us wondering if the number was ours). Loved having it. The 120 minutes weren’t all used, but it was very nice to be able to keep in touch with people as we needed to. We were having our kitchen redone while we were away on our two week cruise 😊
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