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  1. :-) Those "billions of dollars" belong to people, most of whom don't live on island. There are no taxes, so the government has no access to any of that. What it does have is a very active financial sector, with businesses paying their registration fees, and paying employees to work for them on island, and those employees buys groceries, go to restaurants and bars, etc, because they don't need to wear masks or practice social distancing because there has been no community spread of the virus in months. They have talked about what it's going to take to get overnight vis
  2. The only place that was remaining before the shutdown and closing of the borders was Coral Beach. Definitely no "free" drinks there. I wouldn't say that there is currently anything on Grand Cayman which will give the "private beach club" feel. As bookbabe says, we have no idea what is going to change once things start to open up again and cruise visitors are allowed to land...
  3. Have the cruise company said whether you are actually landing in Grand Cayman? Right now the borders are completely closed to tourists. I would be VERY surprised if you will be going ashore there. They will be opening in March for those that have full vaccinations, plus tested 72 hours prior. Is the ship offering PCR tests before you land?
  4. So that people don't make plans, in spite of the cruise lines selling tickets...
  5. I just posted a mini review on Coral Beach on another thread, so rather than repeat myself I suggest you check that out. We have quite a while before we get the island open to short-term visitors again, and who knows what business ventures may start up once we see firmer dats coming on when that will start. Another thing to bear in mind is a more do-it-yourself beach experience - the whole of Seven Mile Beach is public, even above the water line, so as long as you are willing to throw a towel down on the sand and sit, you can head to a grocery store before you hit the
  6. I believe that Red Sail, who have a lot of watersport options, also run out of the Westin, so worst case you could walk down the beach to there and rent from them there. It definitely remains to be seen what locations Red Sail will open up once tourists are allowed to visit the island again, either by cruise or overnight.
  7. Yes I went to Coral Beach back in February, and wasn't that impressed, I'm afraid. I love the chic feel of Royal Palms, and the rustic Caribbean feel of Calico's. This is neither. The actual beach (which of course varies) is very small, and they try to get as many chairs in as possible. Service was slow, although they weren't particularly busy. I had a chicken sandwich and was really disappointed - I don't expect gristle in a chicken sandwich, and especially not on Grand Cayman! Is it a place you can go, get a chair, some lunch and be on the beach when vi
  8. Calico Jack's, a regular stop for cruise ship visitors, have announced that they will not be reopening after the current COVID-19 lockdown is over. They were planning on closing at the end of this year anyway, but apparently this was the last straw. From their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CalicoJacksCayman "For the last 16 years, Calico Jacks has been home to countless Jam Nights, Jackpot Saturdays and epic Full Moon Parties. It has been an amazing ride and we owe it all to our incredible staff and our global Calicos community. Without you, Calico Jack
  9. There was a backlash too: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-carnival-avoiding-jamaica-and-caymans-over-virus-fears-20200303-43f7wm3nsvak3e7wkoxks55ium-story.html
  10. Calicos has WiFi, but it's not terribly reliable.
  11. Well, Dolphins aren't native to Cayman, so the experience there uses captive dolphins. I will let others who have done the dolphin experience give you that advice, but if I could make a suggestion? Stingrays are native to the island - the trip out to the Stingray City sandbar let's you have an encounter with them in their native habitat. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, and to see turtles in their home, then get a taxi to Spotts Beach and go snorkelling there.
  12. That having been said, please use reef-safe sunscreen just to try to protect the coral a little more - it really could use all the help it can getl
  13. The distillery will sometimes do single vat or special release rums that they don't taste at other locations, based on what I have been told. These tend to be better than the blends they have on sale that are at the remote tastings. But I am just going on the word of others, who happen to live on island.
  14. I have asked a few friends who are rm drinkers about the Rackhams and the Pedro St James events - they all said that the experience at the distillery is better - more knowledgeable people, good information, etc.
  15. I think this just goes to show that different people can visit the same thing and come away with completely different impressions.
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