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  1. Didn’t have drink package but those in our party found getting. Few drinks paid individually was much cheaper than a package.
  2. Food at buffet and food trucks free. I’ve cream shop and bars are paid. Food tucks did not have any drinks. We bought bottled water and soda at beach bar.
  3. Heavily used (pool more than splash pad) but not Nearly as packed as other ships I’ve been on. If you go later afternoon -after 4 or so when early diners have gone to get ready- it’s more open.
  4. I never went up to Deck 13 but according to the MSC website it is still there!
  5. We ate at the food truck on OC last week. There was not really a line at all. It did close at 3 PM but it was free. Hot dogs, burgers, veggie burgers, brownies and fries.
  6. We were on the Armonia last week. I actually think fewer people dressed up for formal nights on MSC than Carnival. We wore nice clothes, but not formalwear. (IE dresses for women and Khakis/collared shirts for men) I just saw a picture of myself someone in my family took - I was sitting at dinner in my dress and noticed that there’s somebody sitting at a table behind me in a t shirt. So clearly there’s a mix. I saw ONE tuxedo all week.
  7. Yes the flooring looked fine to me so I assume it was replaced!
  8. There was a broken pane near the outdoor area of the buffet but I would have called it cracked not shattered. Does that sound like it? That was the only one I noticed, I think. Maybe it happened after dry dock?
  9. We did have our daughters with us. Their cousin was on this trip also, so they did a lot of card playing together. Yes there is a video arcade – right outside the teen club if I recall correctly. We did not use it so I don’t know if the machines are free or not. There are not a ton of activities on this trip aimed at kids. There are lots of movies however in the movie theater during the day that would appeal. There are also places for sports up on the top decks. We did a lot of reading, trivia, etc. With only two sea days most of the time is spent off the ship or at dinner and shows in the evening!
  10. We cruised on Armonia Dec 23-30. Had a good trip. A simple ship but in very good repair (although I had assumed it would be redecorated in dry dock it was not, but I couldn’t see any issues that needed repair whatsoever, so it looked good.) Food was good, but leaned toward European choices, which was a good thing for my family and we enjoyed. I was nervous that cabin would feel sooo small (ocean view) but it was fine because we did the beds as 4 twins, bunk bed style, rather than a queen and 2 bunks. This gave us much more floor space. We also brought an over the door shoe organizer, over the door hooks, and a lot of extra hangers from the dry cleaner, so that helped us take better advantage of the closet space. Any questions?
  11. We are booked with a smaller group- 3 rooms - and were told that because our reservation numbers are all linked to each other that we would be seated together at dinner. I plan to go to the maître d’ upon boarding just to find out. We booked our excursions online for those that we are doing together. For those, we are not “together “per se, but we all booked the same thing individually.
  12. We are sailing MSC for the first time over Christmas with extended family. I am bringing small gifts for everyone but also wanted to bring some fun Christmas candy for the kids. I read on MSC‘s website that no food is allowed to be brought on board. Do you think they would allow candy? Toblerone bars etc...
  13. This is why I am always hesitant to sail on the larger ships and we tend to sail on the smaller ones. You’re just in competition with a whole lot less people for space on beaches, excursions etc. if are with 2000 people rather than 4000 or 6000. We are going to Ocean Cay on Armonia which is the smallest ship to visit the island.
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