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  1. We took a kayaking excursion in Freeport to Lucayan National Park. Highly recommend!
  2. We’ve never done this before, but we’d like to decorate our door on our upcoming cruise for the Christmas holiday. Are the doors on the Armonia magnetic? Does anyone know of any rules MSC has regarding door decor? I know carnival puts rules on their site but I didn’t see any for MSC unless I missed them.
  3. Always choose the option to make a new booking and you will get through ASAP!
  4. Thank you! Unfortunately there are just 2 family suites on the whole ship but they were booked. All other suites and balcony rooms are a max of 3 people. Good thing we are a close family!
  5. Hello! 1. Can Armonia cards be punched to wear on a lanyard or do you need a pouch? 2. We have an ocean view room for our family of 4 - any storage tips from people who have seen this room in person? It looks so tiny especially without a balcony to put our sandy stuff on after excursions but there were no available balcony rooms for 4! 3. We are traveling with extended family so there are 9 of us in total. Will we get one big table in dining room? We have the early seating. Our reservations are all linked.
  6. Will they take American dollars?
  7. Will they take American dollars?
  8. The kayak excursion was fantastic. The beach you end up on is amazing and basically empty. If I ever go back to Freeport I’m doing it again!
  9. Is the Armonia a Smart Ship or will it possibly become one after the late Nov dry dock?
  10. We are not drinkers but husband loves diet soda. On Carnival we were able to bring our own (one 12 pack per person) and I think on another line we bought a refillable mug. Can we do anything to get soda only on Amonia? We don’t want to buy a drinks package as we don’t want to pay that much as he just wants diet soda. He would just drink a few a day.
  11. Many thanks for all the info! Were there towel animals? Any chance you took the Kohunlich excursion in Costa Maya? Thoughts?
  12. Touringmom


    We are traveling at Christmas too – I hadn’t thought about this but I hope that they do!
  13. How many formal nights? How dressy do people get?
  14. Delays can always happen - book the later flight! Saves stress on the day.
  15. FYI the Armonia is scheduled for drydock late November/early December so it will be refreshed if you’re planning to sail after that.
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