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  1. i know i just bought 100 shares last night, wondering if i should of waited until after the 27th when they cancel more cruises :( oh well we will see
  2. big deal? or gimmicky sales trick? says multiple ships covening in the same at sea area for a big party.
  3. just off the breeze. nothing super special, Party with music \line dancing in the Atrium and at the end they drop white balloons and give glow sticks during. some people were wearing a lot of white some weren't.
  4. LOl I'm feeling mischevious i think ill try :)
  5. Sooo.... for an upcoming July cruise. Have the rum runners all been getting caught? or is it your mileage may vary i can still try because some people get through and some don't.
  6. the Marq MAthias guy 7/20- 9/28 just saw some youtube videos he doesn't look as dynamic as Schwartz :(
  7. lol wife booked the breeze cuz of Schwartz and now hes going to be gone she wants to cancel lol
  8. Since when? did Carnival change Policy. thought you could submit a note from a physician. Then only the daughter could [urchase the cheers package
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