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  1. The Medallion app may have been around for quite a while, but it is DEFINITELY NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME.
  2. The Medallion app is all well and good, albeit slow as molasses, but it will not save any edits that I try to make. I have tried countless times, but save is always grayed out. Sure would be nice to make my information correct.
  3. My wife and I have decided that if the cruise lines must adhere to the latest CDC cruising guidelines (totally absurd) we have no interest in cruising anymore. We love cruising and had planned on several Regent or Oceania cruises in the near future, however... The CDC is being so incredibly unfair toward the cruise industry compared to all the other venues it is nothing short of criminal. I hope the boards of all the cruise lines get together and sue the living crap out of the CDC and or US government for economic discrimination, etc.!
  4. Semantics. Excuse me for using a not-precise term. I would consider developing Shingles, due to not getting vaccinated, essentially "catching it".
  5. Yes, your friend Ernie has been vaccinated (J&J with no side effects). We only got them for expected cruising requirements.
  6. Virginia. There are concerns and cases, but not that bad. Worst is up in the DC area.
  7. We have been out and about the whole time, including eating at restaurants. Those places are amusing. Have to wear masks to enter and leave, but all is normal once you are inside. We have not had any issues whatsoever. I am much more concerned with catching shingles or food poisoning, and not so much those, either. However, I suggest those who are afraid should continue hiding for their peace of mind.
  8. That's rich! Licensed Nuclear Reactor Operators were making $34/hr when I left the position not too many years ago. If we had known we could make good money as a housekeeper in CO we never would have put up with the intense scrutiny and never-ending training.
  9. God bless Florida!! https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6030/
  10. We also only got it so we can cruise. As for freedom, this country has been weening us off of that for decades by dangling "social benefits" in front of us at freedom's expense. This is not intended to be a political response.
  11. If you are indeed that scared to live a normal life I implore you to get professional help.
  12. I hope they sue the living crap out of them.
  13. Cruising is not a "super spreader". Compare the cases vs. total passengers on all the cruises in 2020 prior to the shutdown. Yes, the CDC is destroying the cruise industry in America.
  14. All viruses cycle. Should we continue this for the rest of our lives? Is that even a life worth living?
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