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  1. Not sure about discounts for Park N Go, but Park and Fly has AAA discount of 15%. You have to book thru AAA's site under travel discounts.
  2. We are doing the same cruise, but in November. My daughters have done these ports with us before and they are asking to go back to the turtle farm in Grand Cayman because in the past they were able to hold the baby sea turtles. They also want to go back to the sea lion show at Chankanaab Park. After the show, we were allowed to take pictures of them standing with one of the sea lions.Both of these parks have a shallow area for kids to swim, and pools.
  3. It's now $25 to rent an adult snorkeling set and $10 for a kid's. If you take your own set use of their vests is free and required. Bikes are $6 per hour I believe.
  4. We were on the Wonder last week. Getting on and off the ship were both well organized. We arrived for check-in at 11:30 and were onboard by noon. Cabins were ready at 2:00.
  5. Lido -Deck 9, behind the Unicorn Cafe
  6. Yes, my children were there that day.:) We love Chankanaab. There is a shallow swimming area for little ones, and also a very shallow area in the pool. They have a sea lion show and a playground your granddaughter may enjoy. We also like to sit on the dock and watch the dolphins play, you don't need to purchase a dolphin encounter just to see them.
  7. Macy2

    Wet Lizard

    We were there last week and actually left because the music was blaring so loud we could not have a conversation. Dance/Party music, no live bands.
  8. City Walk at Universal Studios and Downtown Disney are fun places to spend an afternoon if you are renting a car. You don't need theme park tickets for either of these, but you will have to pay for parking at Citywalk. They are both about 25 minutes past the airport.
  9. Macy2


    http://www.americanprodive.com/groupon.html I think this will take you to the 1/2 price offer
  10. I started making our reservation with Premier in Tampa as well but noticed their site was charging me for 8 days, even though we are on a 7 night cruise. In other words, it seems to charge for your return date as well. I sent an email several days ago asking if we will be charged for the return date if we have the car out by 10:00 am, but they have not responded yet. Once I added the extra day's charge, their booking fee, and taxes, it wasn't that much less than the Port Authority's garage.
  11. Macy2


    I've never done it, but the "Orlando daily deal" sent to me from the Groupon site this afternoon offered Snorkle with the Manatees in the Crystal River for 1/2 price so you may want to check that site out.
  12. Does anyone know if the St. Jude's Build a Bear is on the Legend?
  13. One-way cab fare for our family of 4 was $34 a couple of weeks ago.
  14. I do agree with the OP that disembarkment for this cruise was not organized well. We also carried our own luggage off and turned in our paper work on time (You have to register by 8:00 P.M. Thursday night). We were given ticket #1 and told to report to the Amber Bar at 6:45. We left our cabin on time to find that we could not even get to the Amber Bar because there were so many other people crowded in the hallways and lounges, and most of these were self-assist also.Since we had to preregister, they knew in advance that a large amount off guests were going to be in the hallways and elevators with luggage. It was a long wait for the ship to be cleared & many people simply could not get to their assigned places because of the crowds. The employees did seem frustrated to say the least. What I don't understand is why MSC made all guests vacate their cabins by 7:00 a.m. Things would have gone smoother if those of us using self-assist were in our assigned spot at 6:45, and the others vacated cabins around 7:15. Your reference to "We Are The World" made me laugh. My DH and I thought it was an odd choice to put in that particular show. :)
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