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  1. Just a quick update on the situation in Australia ... Some background. In 2021 there has been 1 death from Coronavirus in Australia (in April). Prior to that the previous death was last December. Politicians are completely paranoid about being responsible for any decision which leads to further deaths (ie they are being very cautious). A significant number of our citizens are completely happy to live in a bubble if that means they are safe from COVID19. Right now there are fewer than 10 people in ICU's in hospitals across Australia (mostly people who have c
  2. Mate .. I don't know who you are and I have no interest in knowing. I was trying to be helpful. The OP asked if the SS Wines are better than the included and in my opinion, yes they are. It seems to me your only role in this Forum is to disagree with everyone about everything. I suggest you block me so you don't have to read any more of my posts, rest assured I will be blocking you.
  3. We've been on 4 Viking cruises and have had the SS Package all 4 times. We experiment with a few different wines till we find what we like - and we always try a couple of the included wines for comparison. We aren't experts but we know what we like and on all 4 cruises we found the SS Package wines to be more appealing to us. Of course taste is individual so just because we like something doesn't mean you will. But to answer your primary question, yes we feel wines available through the SS Package are 'better' when compared to the included. Of course we were
  4. Howdy Roger Obviously you need something more meaningful than my opinion. No dramas .. a news report (including a quote from the Australian Minister for Health) is linked below .. so obviously any 'formal' decision beyond 17 Sept has not yet been made. I saw the interview, the reporting is accurate. However expect a further 'formal' decision before end of August .. and expect 17 Sept will be extended. Trust me 😁. There will be no international cruising in Australia this year. It is highly unlikely there will be international cruising
  5. It's a bit late to edit .. but I should have added Australia has had zero deaths from COVID for some months .. which is another reason for hesitancy. Some are asking why get a vaccine if there is no / low risk ? LM
  6. G'day Andy and CC members. onlyslightlymad is very likely correct. The situation is Australia has been and is constrained by 2 main factors. 1/ vaccine 'hesitancy' (mainly people who have doubts about our primary vaccine [Astra Zenica - manufactured in Australia]) and who are therefore waiting for Pfizer (some limited supply but coming from overseas) or Moderna (available later in the year, again from overseas). Along with those who are hesitant, there are of course a number anti-vaxers. 2/ Dis-organised roll-out, and mixed messages from politicians and so-cal
  7. No .. it is a short drive or a 30 minute walk from the hotel. It's a nice walk .. through gardens and parkland. There are several routes you could take, with lots to look at along the way. From our experience it is better to stay outside of the Plaka District - it does get very busy (or at least it did pre-COVID).
  8. ... we also received a recommendation for 'Oroscopo' (just around the corner from Pita Pan) but ran out of time and didn't get to eat there.
  9. Both are a short walk from the Hilton. The first is 'Pita Pan' (Google maps shows the street as Iofontos). They have indoor and outdoor dining. We loved the food, and recent Tripadvisor reviews suggest the standards are still very good. It is probably best described as casual dining. The other is across the park in front of Pita Pan - named 'Vassilenas'. We enjoyed this one as well and again recent reviews are good. The food / service / decor is more refined than Pita Pan, and this is reflected in the prices. Enjoy.
  10. We did Empires of the Med in 2019 .. stayed at Hilton for post cruise. We did the 4 day Classic Greece - it was fantastic. The roof top bar at the Hilton has great views, but is a little bit pricey. We joined the Hilton loyalty club while we were there (Hilton Honors) and they gave us a free drink at the bar for joining. There are a couple of really good places to eat near the Hilton. I'll look up my cruise notes and will post info later if I can find the names.
  11. Well done on all the visits .. some photos below to bring back memories (if the photos don't post I'll try again in a minute). It is real vinegar. Cheers, LM
  12. That's gold 😀, a great story. However, vegemite is fantastic .. but don't take my word for it https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-13/tom-hanks-saturday-night-live-opening-monologue-vegemite-joke/12144108 https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/coronavirus-tom-hanks-responds-to-uproar-over-excessive-vegemite-during-his-covid19-lockdown/news-story/f43fc801c066ef58a9a74b600d97ad66 Oh .. and look at the brand of typewriter Tom uses. 😁
  13. It's actually quite a study in human behaviour. We Aussies have a reputation for being irreverent and somewhat (for the want of a better term) happy-go-lucky. Yet when the medical people said wear a mask, the great majority wore a mast. When the medical people said stay home and don't mingle in groups, we stayed home ... etc. Largely on the basis of good medical advice combined with large levels of compliance our lives have been much less affected than elsewhere. Except for a short period in March - April last year, I have continued to play golf every week. My wife goes to the gym
  14. Firstly CharTrav - thank you for all your excellent work keeping us all informed about changes and keeping your spreadsheet up to date. It wasn't me that posted the quote you mentioned but from what we read and are told it is an accurate reflection of the situation. The vaccine roll out here has been slow - Pfizer has been used for the elderly and health workers etc .. but we are 'ineligible' for Pfizer (there is not sufficient supply and we aren't old enough) and received out first Astra Zenica shot today with a second shot in 3 months. AZ is manufactured in Australia, Pfizer com
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