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  1. Of course I missed the point about ‘no smoking’ in the advertising. I assume there is something in the fine print to clarify no smoking in cabins, public areas etc .. except the designated smoking area. In any case, we have never been negatively effected and we are not concerned that some passengers do smoke on Deck 8 in the designated area. The issue certainly wouldn’t stop us booking future cruises (we have 2 booked).
  2. I have seen the small designated smoking areas on Star, Orion and Sky - all in the same location on Deck 8 (outside). I haven’t been on Jupiter and that area may be larger .. but I am on Sky now and in the past 12 days I have walked past the smoking area a few times and I have seen zero people smoking. I’m sure the area on Sky gets used, but it has no impact on me and I suspect it will have none on you, regardless of which ship you are on.
  3. A lovely day in Isafjordur today .. blue sky and very light breeze. What we have been hoping for all week. We did the included excursion this morning and it was ok .. 58 people on a bus is too many for my liking and this dimmed my enthusiasm. The excursion itself is nevertheless worthwhile and we had a great guide. He was a young guy (Jake) who has degrees in Geology and Environment Management who is doing his Masters here. He was really good. The town is lovely - especially in the bright sunshine - and there is a real sense of shared community. It it is of course a small town in a remote location so don’t expect high street shopping. There is a very nice bakery behind the Hotel Isafjordur if you want to try a local speciality. From the ship, a 15 min walk to the bakery. Reykjavik tomorrow.
  4. The seas improved during the night and we arrived as planned into Akureyri. However the forecast high must have an error as it was 2 degrees Celsius this morning and has hardly changed. The locals keep saying it is unusual for June. We did the optional Excursion to Godafoss Falls, which included a visit to the botanical gardens and a drive around town. It was a worthwhile excursion into the countryside with a very good guide - with the falls being the highlight. It was raining lightly when we arrived at the falls but by the time we walked to the actual viewing area (10 min each way) sleet was falling. I am cold to my bones when it falls below 10 Celsius - so I was freezing at that point. However in some ways the cold temperature and sleet actually enhanced the experience and I enjoyed being there at the falls at that moment, but perhaps not as much as I enjoyed the warmth of the gift shop afterwards. The botanical gardens are nice and we spent maybe 20 minutes walking through with the guide directing us. We came back on board afterwards for lunch then walked to town, had a look around the shops, and visited a very popular church (20 min walk each way to the main part of town). Akureyri is larger / more populated than Seydisfjordur and hence more to look at and do. The on-board experience for the entire cruise has been excellent in our opinion, and we are loving every moment. Even in the unusually cold weather ⛄️ Tomorrow Isafjordur.
  5. A couple more FYI’s.. US friends - don’t forget Amex cards are not as widely accepted in Europe / Scandinavia as in other locations. There were a number of shops today displaying the ‘no Amex’ sign. Please bring a second option (MasterCard and Visa - no problems. Same for pre-paid debit cards as best as I could tell) The heated bathroom is like a ski drying room, very warm. My DW has several items she doesn’t want to put through a clothes dryer so we don’t send them to the ships’ laundry service. Early this morning I put two pairs of slacks through the wash in the laundry on Level 6 and she then hung them on hangars behind the bathroom door with door shut. It’s late afternoon now and they are almost dry. We have just left Seydisfjordur and are already rocking and rolling - but the high temperature tomorrow is forecast to be around 13 degrees Celsius which is much more pleasant.
  6. It’s too late to edit my earlier post .. but what I should have said was .. it is important to get a broad cross section of views by reading multiple posts and threads. I was obviously just reporting my experience - and Peregrina651 is correct, there are no guarantees.
  7. That’s ok 🙂 I read some of those other reports so I used the old ‘from my experience’ disclaimer in my post. I hope those other problems get sorted.
  8. Thank you - I hope you have a great time.
  9. Talk to Guest Services when you get on board. We have used tenders twice in the past week and both times those booked on private excursions had to wait for space to open (eg ‘wait in the Atrium area until you are called’). I don’t know know how long they had to wait (they may have boarded the first tender ?) but I suggest you are proactive and prepared.
  10. See my post number 24 in this thread. If you are doing ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ from Oslo to Bergen then yes, I suggest you cover some other options.
  11. On the original invoice for this cruise it showed only one tender port. However we actually have three - so the invoice is not always correct .. well it is probably correct at the time of issue but things do change. The three (so far) have been Flam, Geiranger and our present location. It is an inconvenience rather than a major drama, but it would be nice to know in advance. It is minus 2 Celsius at the moment but no sign of snow.
  12. .. and we found a lovely gift shop just a short walk from the ship. Borgarholl Arts and Crafts - many items are handmade by the owner.
  13. Because of our early arrival we are docked in Seydisfjordur and many people have been out for a walk this afternoon .. it’s 2 degrees Celsius and raining lightly. At 7am tomorrow we have to leave the dock and anchor in the bay. Tenders will then be used for the excursions (or for those who are doing their own thing). I suspect a good number who disembarked today will stay on board tomorrow- as snow is on the forecast ⛄️
  14. I can only give you our experience.. easy as pie. We have had two tenders in 7 days with another tomorrow. Obviously you are at the mercy of the seas if it is rough and or windy and have to take into account the frailty of some of your fellow passengers. That said, the staff in Sky are well drilled and as organised as they can be and the process for us has been quite literally as easy as pie. The staff assist as you step from the ship onto the tender and back as you return - and even those less confident on their feet seem to be coping fine. Don’t stress, based on our experience you will be fine 😀
  15. We had a rough night, but nothing compared to the Tasman Sea in January. The Captain has obviously made good time and we seem to be 3 or 4 hours from calmer waters (judging from our Ship Tracker on the TV). Yesterday was interesting and enjoyable despite the weather. We did the 4 hour Vagar Island excursion which took us from port to a large island to the west, then retraced our route back to port and into the capital. The landscapes are remarkable - not dissimilar to the very north of the Isle of Skye. The capital Tórshavn is very small and only requires a short visit. Our US friends did the included excursion and the ‘Vistas, Vikings and Island Villages’ and were disappointed these were basically replicas of each other - so I suggest you avoid this combination. We were happy with our choice of Vagar Island as it took us to several points of interest. We did get off the bus 4 times and two of those times we walked 1/ to a waterfall then up the hill to a meeting point and 2/ through a small village. About 10 - 15 minutes of walking each time. Some just stayed on the bus instead of walking. After we returned from the excursion we had lunch and caught the 2pm shuttle into town for a walk in the rain and returned around 4.30pm. LM
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