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  1. From our experience, leave your laundry bag on the bed in the morning and it will be back the next afternoon. I think you can pay for same day service, but we have never found it necessary. The included laundry is a great perk.
  2. Another vote for Rome Cabs (owned / run by Stefano). We used them on our first visit. The company will tailor the day to do what you want to do.
  3. ... I should have added for OP - both the Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle tour are 'must-do' events which I'm sure you will enjoy.
  4. We did a 2 night extension with Viking post our Bergen - Reykjavik cruise in 2019. It was excellent. From the ship straight to the Blue Lagoon with a Viking escort. We stayed at the Grand Hotel rather the Hilton (it was fine). Unfortunately Viking did not offer the Golden Circle tour so we went with a local company named 'Arctic Adventures' - very enjoyable. We did some independent sightseeing and found it easy to get around. If you want to try a local restaurant I can recommend this place; Um okkur | www.maturogdrykkur.is | Reykjavík Try the Halibut Soup if
  5. I just tried .. a slight delay, a blue screen then ... 'you are being taken to a new website'. Same information in a different format. Not sure if this is world wide or just in Aust.
  6. Hello Peregrina You posted at the same time as I asked this question of Andy. Thank you for clarifying. Regards, LM
  7. G'day Andy - long time, no chat. I'm not sure what the situation is in other locations but there is a significant price difference between Midnight Sun and Trade Routes (figures below are Aussie dollars, with grat's included). May 2022 Trade Routes $7,895 for DV1. June 2022 Midnight Sun $10,595 for DV1 (with similar differences as you move through cabin categories). Any thoughts on this ? Is Midnight Sun considered to be a 'premium' product, is Trade Routes considered 'repositioning' and therefore not as attractive, do the ports make Midnight Sun itiner
  8. hello Peregrina651. A self guided tour. For some tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city. https://www.hongkong.net/attractions/nan-lian-garden.html https://www.hongkong.net/attractions/chi-lin-nunnery.html Both highly recommended. Enjoy your research. LM
  9. We take a small plastic see-through pouch (credit card size) and place the stateroom card inside the pouch, which we hang on a lanyard. We have never punched a hole in the actual card and (as per TayanaLorna's comment) we have heard that the cards do not work if you do. Further to your question yesterday re sliding doors, I didn't respond as I can't be sure about all PS cabins. But from memory we have had sliders in each of the PS cabins we have been in. Not sure whether all beds on Deck 7 face the same direction.
  10. hi Rod We have been in 7002 and really enjoyed it. There is basically no passing foot traffic and access to the lounge can be gained via the door next to 7000. More broadly I just find deck 7 to be an ideal location. We have also been on deck 8 (8019, also very good) but for our next cruise we have booked 7000 (as 7002 was not available). Let's hope we are all cruising again soon. Cheers from Woody Point. LM
  11. I assume there are some aspects of the new T&C's you are not happy with. Which ones ? On what date did you apply the FCC to the 2021 cruise? What is the date of introduction of the 'new' T&C's ?
  12. The Australian T&C's (specifically para 5.3 - Cancellation, delays etc) are word for word the same as post 3 above by Scottjeanne. Just FYI .. Australia's largest airline (Qantas) has cancelled all international flights up to late October 2020 (except a couple to New Zealand). The Australian government has said (a couple of days ago) they don't expect international tourism into / out of Australia to recommence till 2021. A number of local travel companies are fighting tooth and nail to refuse refunds for cancelled trips / flights / hotel bookings etc - and our Competi
  13. Below is from Australian website .. updated yesterday. After I post this I will go and read the 'original' Terms and Conditions (I have the 2020 printed booklet) and will report what I find. .......................................................................... 18 June 2020 Scenic Group Travel Policy and Advisory Update: COVID-19 Our Reservation Centre is currently experiencing unprecedented high call volumes resulting in unusually long wait times. We appreciate you require updated information to finalise your future travel plans and we are work
  14. Yes on Orion .. they served freshly made pasta (with a choice of toppings / sauces etc) which was an excellent choice for lunch. I think Orion was the first but I am looking forward to trying it again on Jupiter in November in South America (I think I read somewhere the area is also on Jupiter ?) ... although I am not confident, very sadly, that the November cruise will go ahead.
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