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  1. Working in Food Service for years and I swear one of the biggest Urban Legends are "Liquid eggs are fake". People literally demand you crack them some fresh eggs right in front of their eyes. Funny thing to me always been if you really taste the difference why do you need to see them being cracked? Most can't tell the difference. It's a mental thing
  2. But the Bible clearly says "come as you are". No one has EVER been turned away from church based on attire. The only people who are judging is only the people who look forward to these types of days primarily to get fancy and show off when the main point is to worship or in the case of cruising is to mind your business and eat your food
  3. Yeah I don't understand the allure of paying that much money just for a couple extra hours neither, luckily though FTTF offers much more than just that
  4. People's experiences don't always mean that's how it'll be for everyone else. Me and my gf was on Glory about a year ago and we loved it so much that we're booked for it again this June in the exact same cabin. Bottom line is what one person may see as a deal breaker another may see it as a minor inconvenience compared to the bigger more enjoyable picture
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