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  1. Thank you all so much! Sorry I did not get a notice that I had responses. I was going to be on Royal as well. I thought I read that testing would be avail onboard. Still so much up in the air for travel. Thank you all and stay safe. Kim
  2. Hello all! We are considering a cruise out of Denmark for 2022. Looks like the cruise port and the airport are quite close but just curious about flights. Any idea what would be the earliest recommended flight time out of Denmark on a International flight. Also please, recommendations on hotels. I started reading the thread on Copenhagen but I was getting a bit overwhelmed with all the great info. Thank you Kim
  3. That’s awesome thank you. We aren’t looking to go till next year but can book flights now so want to make sure we can go to these countries. thanks again.
  4. I have been doing some research into cruising during covid since some places will not accept my hubby as he is 1 shot Astra Zeneca and 1 shot Pfizer. Out of Italy he is ok with Celebrity, NCL and RCCL. However, when you look into each individual port this be a issue and if I read it correctly you need a covid negative test 3 days out and will again for re-enter. Does anyone know if they will do them again on the ship? What the cost is? I might just be misunderstanding how this is working so curious what you all have read into this? thank you Kim
  5. Thank you! I will give them a call. Yes I want to make sure they accept him before I book flights. I know a lot can change but want to cover my bases. We might actually have to change cruise lines. Both NCL and Royal will accept him. They aren’t offering the additional shot for travel purposes here in Ontario, at least not at this time. Thank you for the info.
  6. Good morning all My hubby has a combo vaccine of Astra Zeneca and Pfizer. Carnival says he has to apply for a vaccine exemption but I can’t seem to find how to apply. I don’t want to book flights until I know he can cruise. Thank you kim
  7. Terrific. Thank you both!
  8. Hi all. Following to see when we might know of Med cruises 2023 thank you kim
  9. Oh thank you for the quick response. I will go look for it. Thanks again. 👍
  10. Does anyone have any insight on when RCCL will release Europe 2023 or remember when they released Europe 2022? thank you kim
  11. Does anyone have any insight on when Carnival will release Europe 2023 or remember when Europe 2022 was released? Thank you Kim
  12. Hello all. We finally decided on our next cruise. It is a round trip from Rome on Carnival. it says the ship arrives in port at 6am. Based on your experience when is the earliest you would try and book a flight home? Thank you
  13. Thank you Hank, I will wait. It doesn't make it hard for us type A planner types.....lol I appreciate the info. Kim
  14. thank you so much. I also contacted NCL yesterday and they gave me this address as where theywill cruise out of Stazione Marittime 30135 Santa Croce Venezia. Would you know if this is the same port they have been told they can't cruise out of? Thank you kIm
  15. It isn't cruising out of Venice anymore? Yikes, glad I haven't booked flights yet. Do you have any idea where it cruises from? I just checked NCL's website and it still says Venice. Thank you Kim
  16. Thank you so much, It was actually a 1pm flight I was looking at so that might just work have a great day!
  17. Hello all. I have check the NCL site and also a few pages here but can’t find it does anyone know the earliest flight out of Venice. We dock at 8am. When would I be safe to book a flight home? thank you
  18. Good morning all. we are considering going to Croatia and Montenegro after our cruise that debarks in Rome. We figure we will fly from Rome to Dubrovnik, rent a car and drive to Montenegro spending maybe a day or two in each place. Has anyone done that or something similar? Looks like it would be a nice drive along the coast but just wondering if this is crazy or very doable? thank you kim
  19. Great thank you for that info. Will see what I can find
  20. I have read quite a few posts about people asking for hotels near the port and everyone says stay in Rome. However, I do want to spend the night before the cruise in that area but can’t find any suggestions for hotels Has anyone stayed at a hotel close to the port? Walking distance type thing? I have read some of the hotels are going downhill but would still like some options thank you all Kim
  21. Thank you all so much. I will keep checking back. I love the planning process so anxious to get researching. Have a great day all!
  22. Happy Sunday all. How far out does NCL usually release shore excursion info? We aren’t sailing until Oct 2022 in the Mediterranean but would love to start researching what excursions might be available thank you
  23. Ha ha that’s how I should have said it thank you! Birdtravels? What does undetectable mean?
  24. Hi all. Just booked my first NCL cruise. I have booked 10191 on Epic and just curious if anyone has any experience in this cabin. Looking on the outside of the ship looks like some cabins have a overhang but can't quite tell if my cabin will just have another cabin above or if there will also be a overhang? I hope I am explaining that right but just curious if I look up will i see a jut out or just the cabin above me. Thank you
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