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  1. We just returned from our June cruise aboard Anthem. We booked Chops for a group of 9. I called RCL and booked on the phone. I already had our cabins/ reservations linked when we booked so the representative didn't have any trouble getting us a reservation. I hope that helps.
  2. My family and I just returned from a cruise on Anthem in June. My daughter, son-in-law, and 2 and 1/2 year old granddaughter. We registered our granddaughter in Royal Tots on the first day. The time was listed on Cruise Compass on the first day. We only used this babysitting service 3 times during our 5 day cruise. Twice so we could go to shows, and once during our dinner at Chops, a specialty restaurant. It was about 2 hours each time. They only take 8 children, so book early. I forget what the price was, but it wasn't that much. We had the same girl each time so we did give her a tip the last time.
  3. We are sailing on Anthem out of Cape Liberty. How choppy will it be? We sailed on Harmony out of Ft. Lauderdale last year and I was fine. Just wondering if I need to get Dramamine or the patch or something. Thank you!
  4. I was going to get my grown children gift cert for Christmas last year thinking they could use them towards their final payment for our family cruise. I was told that you can only use them on the ship. I was also told you could not use them towards a beverage package, dining package or excursions. I decided not to get them. Every time I call RC with a question, I get a different answer. I called to ask how to book IFly three different times. First person told me me they were booked up. I checked everyday, it was never on cruise planner. The second time I was told that I could book on the app from my house--that didn't work. Third time--I was told to book at guest services or on the app once we are aboard on Day 1. I sent an email months ago asking how to handle this--no reply. We leave in 12 days. Customer Service is a thing of the past.
  5. Hi! I am having a little difficulty finding this information on cruise critic. We are on Anthem of the Seas in a few weeks for a 5 day cruise to Bermuda. There are 2 excursions to Horseshoe Bay-- Day 3 is an afternoon excursion and Day 4 is a morning excursion. We are a group of 10, and I was late booking the afternoon one on Day 3 so there aren't any spots left. I booked the morning one for Day 4. My question is--if we decide we would like to go on Day 3, are there taxis or some form of transportation right near the ship to take us to Horseshoe Bay? Also, is this a free beach? Thank you for your help!
  6. This is our second cruise, but our first one driving to the port. We are on the Anthem for 5 days going to Bermuda. I have a few embarkation questions: What is the earliest time we can board the ship? Does the parking lot provide shuttle to the ship? I believe I read that it is near the ship, but my husband has trouble walking, so I am hoping there is a way to get to the ship. Thank you for your help!
  7. 77 days out and IFly and other onboard activities are still not posted. I am wondering if you have to wait until you are on board to book.
  8. You won't be able to do it online. When you book the drink package online, everyone in the same room over the age of 21 has to purchase the alcohol package. If you call, you should be able to do what you want. We are going on a cruise in June, and my daughter is pregnant. I called and got her husband the deluxe package and her the non-alcoholic package.
  9. I did check the activity tab, but Ifly isn't up yet. Hopefully, soon! Thank you all for your help.
  10. This is our first cruise. We are going on Anthem in June. The entertainment just came on cruise planner. I booked the shows. Does IFly come up on the cruise planner before the cruise, or do you have to book on the cruise?
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