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    Sun Princess 4/17 with family of 6 (4Children)

    We took our kids two years ago on Princess. We were onboard the week of Halloween. My kids had a blast (10 and 4). We had a very hard time keeping them out of the kids camp. They wanted to be there rather than in a stuffy dining room. I found Princess to be very helpful where the kids were concerned. Hope this helps. As for the ships, they take very good care of them. I'm sure you will find it up to par.
  2. kansascity

    Grand Princess 2/4/06 tickets

    I'm so sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy. I pray they will find criminal (s) responsible. I have to agree that the trip might do you some good. Besides that I'm sure your son would rather see you happy sailing on the ocean than curled up with a box of tissues.
  3. kansascity

    Galveston Embarkation

    We sail 2/4/06. We are flying into Galveston arriving at 12:05 pm, we bought transfers with Princess. Has anyone had any problems? I would like to know what to expect. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. kansascity

    Balcony on Aloha Deck

    [I]We are in A202 on the Grande. Did you notice a lot of noise or motion?[/I]
  5. We are the first Balcony cabin on the Aloha deck of the GRAND, I'm a little concerned about being this far forward. Has anyone else been in a similiar cabin?