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  1. Just checked there are also policies for USA travel. Covers Covid.
  2. I am sailing on the Costa Diadema in December. I don't have discovery but have Crave and the older series are on that. Seems like I have to get discovery now LOL.
  3. I have also been searching for travel insurance for a TA in December. Locally BCAA does not cover covid. Pacific Blue Cross does but really really expensive with pre-existing. My usual annual coverage with GMS does not cover cruise ships. I did a search with Squaremouth and see that they have Trawick International Safe Travel International, excludes USA.policy . Only single trips available but does cover covid. Evacuation $2,000,000 Medical $100,000 with the upgrade. ( I was searching for medical coverage only as not interested in cancellation) This policy obviously is no good for travel to the USA. https://www.squaremouth.com/
  4. I agree. Seems that Celebrity is doing the PCR tests on board for returning Canadians. Wish Carnival did it and then I too would be able to take advantage of these really low prices offered. Downloaded B.C. vaccination passport last night. Takes effect next week.
  5. Check your points. (Thank you Patrick for letting me know) Suddenly I have been elevated to perla diamonte. Hope it's not a glitch. Says points expire June 2022.
  6. A friend just returned from The Miracle and people were not wearing masks indoors and it was not enforced.
  7. They are still around! https://wimpy.uk.com/
  8. Sorry to hear this Gerry. Yes glad that your flights and hotels are refundable. I wonder about our Dec. Diadema TA cruise. Canada still has a travel advisory against all cruise ship travel so I will be unable to use my usual travel insurance provider.
  9. Actually when drinking Sambucca you need 3 coffee beans-- for luck LOL https://www.leaf.tv/articles/why-do-you-get-coffee-beans-with-sambuca/
  10. Thanks Gerry, I was able to access tours at all the ports and have actually booked some. No need to pay until on board. Agree with not booking flights or hotels yet. Hope your Barcelona 24th Sept. trip goes as planned.
  11. I also have a friend who has booked separately for the Diadema TA in Dec. What we usually do is contact the cruise line beforehand and link bookings. Your friends TA should be able to do that. Not sure if it works if you have different drink packages though. Still not sure if the Diadema TA will be a go. Unable to add passport info etc and only one tour available to book. Guadeloupe has high covid rates.
  12. I sailed on them also the Liberty. Forgot to mention that one. It was my first cruise and didn't realise that one day I would become a collector of the ships. Didn't win on the Miracle and Spirit. There was a couple on board who went to all the trivias with a clipboard and won them all. Won several times on the Breeze but they had run out of ships and just gave us collector cards of the entertainment staff.
  13. Or possibly wild garlic. Like bluebells but white.
  14. Here are mine. All but one won at trivia. My goal is to win one on every ship. The spares I shared among friends. Missing the Liberty, Miracle ,Spirit and Breeze. On the Breeze TA just won photos of the staff as all the ships had been given away to the FB crowd by JH. Usually displayed on the high shelf.
  15. Now they are saying that regardless of vaccinated status people with increased risk of severe illness should avoid travel on cruise ships. Those with increased risk includes older adults. people with medical conditions and pregnancy. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/index.html
  16. Saw this on the Celebrity board. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/covid-3/coronavirus-cruise-ship So basically they are advising the elderly not to travel on cruise ships right now. Who are defined as elderly. Over 65 ,70, 75, 80? Does this mean that insurance will not cover those travelling against government advice?
  17. Glory Freedom Imagination Splendor Destiny Sunshine and Legend Triumph Vista Horizon and Conquest
  18. I dusted them all off and took some more photos. Dream Magic and Elation are silver coloured
  19. My ships. Also a few MSC but didn't get one on Meraviglia.
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