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  1. It is well known in the cruise world, that "well seasoned cruisers" do not spend a lot extra while on a cruise. So I would suspect in a lot of cases, new cruisers are seen as high revenue opportunities to the cruise lines. Just because some might have experienced favorable "Elite" treatment, does not mean it is Princess's concrete mandate that every crew member elevate their service and attention when an Elite is present.
  2. Well said! I have never had a crew member treat me any different, than the blue card holder standing next to me.
  3. I've invested over 60,000.00 in 15 cruises with Princess. Are you suggesting Princess is working hard to be just average? Also, are you suggesting nobody is allowed to add a parallel comment without being bullied out of a conversation?
  4. True! We all like food a certain way. The one thing Princess can fix immediately and not cause subjective opinions is shriveled old corm cob-lets, slumping ugly cooked tomato halves, dried out whipped potatoes and overcooked vegetables on the plates with the main course. When I get a main course item and the sides are old and tired, the whole plate looks old and tired.
  5. Sounds like you did way better than us on the Grand. Our Caribe cabin flooded and took 3 days to dry. As a transplant recipient who has to stay away from molds etc etc, and even after talking with passenger services, received 100.00 each. I only got that after raising concerns.
  6. So sad! I found this video on youtube. (No faces and no names, just scenery)
  7. Gosh I hope so! Since we are sharing stories, we found a patter from an earlier Tahiti port stop under the bed near the wall. Also our room steward had a strong cologne on that hung in the air in the hall and in our cabin and we never got an elite bathroom setup. Our Botticelli waiter was sick for a week and never told us until he was feeling better. Ourfood was luke warm the entire cruise. They kept saying the kitchen is reporting everything is hot enough, especially unhelpful...the head waiter (bald guy). I also did a hard face plant on the vacant dance floor (club fusion), sprained my wrist, bruised my face and torqued my shoulder during the Elite cocktails (was not drinking) one night and not one uniformed crew person came to help me up, in fact my mom said they went behind the bar and watched. The DJ (romeo) was the only one that came to help. I could go on and on but like you said, lets hope it has improved.
  8. Very interesting, we were on Baja midship to Hawaii over Christmas and also had our first worst steward. Something about the Emerald was off, other elements were also not what we have come to expect. P.S. Hope all is well with you and your family! That Sapphire cruise we were neighbors seems so long ago, scary😳 Mark
  9. Very cool, I tried to get one of it in San Francisco but couldn't. Thanks for posting!
  10. Having sailed 15 days on the Island before the retrofit, I think Princess took a very sexy ship and ruined it. It now looks like a big white tuna freighter. They double ruined it, by taking down the faux jet engines on the funnel.
  11. Just a thought, reports on how it "was" back then are nice, but cannot be used to counter or dismiss someone's current sailing review. I just don't get the validity of it. The comment of "unhappy people yell from the highest mountain" should be looked at seriously, as these people took the time to make a comment. Doesn't change come from protest etc? Not everyone protects their cruise line loyalties by remaining silent to slippage in Princess's performance. My two cents
  12. Thank you! I hope so too and I look forward to your review. Mark
  13. Since every cruise can be very different, I am not sure such a rule is realistic. I was disappointed, not disgruntled this cruise, when the overall product fell far short of expectations. And for 8,000, I had some expectations!
  14. Having just sailed the Emerald over Christmas and New Year's, and after 15 Princess cruises I can say with some authority that the biggest problem was the amount of people (holidays) the new menu choices, luke warm food and very odd tasting/no taste dishes. And this time the food issue was widespread, not just our group. The staff was very well aware of the passenger grumblings and our waiter even told us, he had never seen it this bad. Now having said all that, the head waiter we talked to reported that changes were underway and it was an "all hands effort" so have fun and I trust Princess will get a handle on whatever was the cause.
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