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  1. Funny thing! AND I DO NOT WANT TO START A FOOD THREAD!!! Just about the time I became elite, the food oboard went downhill in a big way for me. I decided I needed to try other cruise lines...but this series has helped smoothed some of my opinions too.
  2. You will have an excellent time! Enjoy the tv series, originally it was not shown in the United states, so when I saw they were on YouTube, I immediately created the free time to watch every one. Lol I only mentioned that because, If you are going to have a series about ship life, food would be the biggest of all activities. In the end, most of us are all seasoned cruisers and have a pretty good idea the amount of work involved.
  3. It is a fun series to watch. Those of us that have been on the "Ultimate Ships Tour" are familiar with more of the ships insides than is shown in this series. They never show the main food storage, defrost rooms, and food prep areas.
  4. Speaking of the tv series, did anyone else notice that the buffets got very little screen time overall? And for the variety of MDR menus, specialty restaurants and other food venues, food in general was just a passing image. I wonder why?
  5. When cruise lines start to sail again, whenever that is, I think the experience is going to be so different that everyone will complain. Too many rules, too many stay safe reminders, too many long lines with separation, everything is slower and the ship feels like a floating hospital. After my 16 cruises, I think I have some of the best memories I will get. Things they are a changing.
  6. That was thoughtful of the film crew, since people were on vacation and probably had no idea when the booked the cruise.
  7. I really like Cpt Nick Nash, we have had him on several cruises. Did you know at the time a tv series was being filmed?
  8. Honestly, I I thought he might’ve been an actor but now I’m not sure
  9. Originally when it first came out I had to go through a VPN in order to watch British TV here in the United States, enjoy
  10. For those that never heard of or watched all six seasons of "The Cruise" a British tv series filmed on Princess ships, just type "THE CRUISE TV SHOW" on YouTube to see all episodes.I just binge watched all of em.
  11. Once the ships were disembarked of passengers, I was told by a friend in the know, crew were dispersed into passenger cabins to help with onboard distancing. Also, modern cruise ships are two crew per crew cabin and have been for a long time, as stated by others.
  12. I drive past all the cars freshly delivered all the time, fyi It use to be called "PASHA"
  13. What about Benicia or Martinez. Thats where the car transports go, pretty industrial up there, refineries etc. Still commercial but pretty remote.
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