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  1. On this cruise and incident was right outside our balcony. I did not see it (slept through it) but will upload pic of taped off area and broken window on lifeboat 2. Crew is not telling us anything but taxi drivers and lots of people talking in the halls. Very sad.
  2. Thanks! Very helpful. Will take precautions and not worry too much!
  3. We are on the Nov. 9 sailing too. How likely would it be to have back to back cruises with illness issues? They can take all the time they need to clean and disinfect as far as I am concerned!!
  4. We have a cruise booked in January. I have only paid the down payment with the balance due Oct. 1. We recently found out my daughter is pregnant with triplets (!) and they will be born around the time of our cruise. I did not get trip insurance. Can I change the date of the cruise or am I out of luck? These will be my first grandchildren and I can’t miss their birth. Thanks for the help!
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