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  1. Sorry, I don't have any specifics on this location, just wanted to mention that my husband and I were in Ireland years ago with a rental car. We took smaller highways and saw MANY direction signs to ancient sites. It was wonderful to just turn somewhere and see where it took us - and we saw some of the most amazing, uncrowded things - stone circles, standing crosses, etc. If you get a car, don't hesitate to take detours and see what you can find!
  2. Great suggestion, Slidergirl - we are in the foothills, and there are many outdoor stores I can check out. Thanks!
  3. Hello! We're doing a Norway cruise in mid-June, followed by a 4 day/3 night stop in Iceland. Would you all be so kind as to give me some input on what types of footwear to pack? We won't be doing any real hardcore hiking (husband will, my daughter and I prefer moderate activity) and he's on his own with planning his gear! Having been to Alaska, I know we will need waterproof, but I would love some additional advice. Thanks!
  4. Yep, I got my email a couple of hours ago. Bummer - it was our 40th anniversary celebration.
  5. The longer the pandemic rages on, the longer my bucket list gets! We have Norway, Iceland already booked - fingers crossed we make it. Greek Islands and Istanbul - anything that includes those Some European river cruises - particularly the tulips cruise and the Rhine British Isles (one stop on our Norway cruise, but would like to explore more of the smaller islands) Venice and the Adriatic The hubs and I got our first vaccinations last night, so we're on our way to being ready to go. If you have the opportunity to get on the "leftover doses at the end of the day" list - DO IT!! That's how we got ours!
  6. Our worst experience originated on our cruise, but continued for many days afterward. This was about 9 years ago, we were cruising right before our son started his senior year of HS. We had a great cruise, somewhere in the Caribbean, lots of fun. On the drive home, I started to feel ill, so we stopped at a pharmacy and picked up some meds. During the 10 hours of the drive, one by one, we all became sick. Once home, we all collapsed in the house, feeling near death with some crazy virus. Finally on the 3rd day, we drew straws for one of us to go to the dr and see if they could help (no). We had no groceries in the house and no energy to go to the store. My son missed the first several days of his senior year, then DRAGGED himself to school. I missed 2 WEEKS of work (after the week off for the cruise) because my illness turned into pneumonia. I remember laying on my living room floor one day because I was having shooting pains all over my body; I was thinking, deliriously, what is happening? Is anyone in this house alive? Have we all died?? Luckily we all recovered and, just like women with childbirth, we forgot about it and lived to cruise again.
  7. All of Ireland (except Dublin, which I commented on in the underwhelmed thread). The first morning we woke up and opened the little window in our B&B room and looked out onto a small pasture of sheep. Their bells were tinkling and the wall around their pasture was stacked stone. The grass was the greenest green and it was like waking up in heaven. We had the most amazing breakfast, took off in our car for a week, and every single site we saw was amazing. Everything in Ireland is green, even the stones on the beach were green. The ancient sites were so accessible and we never encountered crowds or traffic or unpleasantness of any kind, we just drove and stopped anywhere that pleased us. Until we arrived in Dublin.....
  8. What kind of crew is on the ships right now, and what are they doing? Are they basically quarantining on the ships? Just curious!
  9. Dublin was it for me. After arriving there and touring, mostly on foot, all day, we were kept awake by jackhammering outside our hotel window all night - road construction in the middle of the night. Aaarrghhh. In the morning I was so bleary eyed I walked over to the window in my pajamas and pulled back the curtain (to see what kind of construction was happening) to a doubledecker bus full of people at eye level, about 3 feet away from my window.
  10. I love Lug bags and have several. I bought one that converts to a backpack but all you have to do is pull on the handles. I've traveled to the European Christmas markets with mine and they are great. I've used Kipling in the past and loved them, but Lug is a little more substantial in structure and I like them better for day-to-day use (I dislike a bag that collapses when I set it down because the hardware is too heavy for the structure of the bag to hold up.)
  11. We just booked a cruise for June 6, used the two-for-one airfare deal and our reservation summary includes specific flights. They are on a major carrier, I think we have one stop going one direction (Charlotte, Toronto, London) and maybe nonstop back home from Reykjavik. I haven't even looked at the times, just assumed it would pretty much be straight from the airport to the pier.
  12. Perfect, thanks Crewsweeper! 😄
  13. Hi, we're in Cozumel this coming October. My husband is taking scuba lessons and is hoping to dive in some or all of our ports (also Falmouth and Grand Cayman) - can anyone recommend a dive shop that he could just contact on his own? I'm thinking a ship-sponsored excursion (although they are available in some of our ports) won't be what he's looking for. Thanks!
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