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  1. It was on our last river trip and I expect same on the next.
  2. Stairways have LED lights along the baseboards. As stated above selected individual overhead fixtures have back-up battery power.
  3. Were on in October flying out of Basel with a plane change in Frankfort to IAD.
  4. A little. On the 2019 World Cruise my wife and I got quite talented at doing a little shuffle step between the bed, closet, and end-of-the bed. She kept her folded clothes in the closet drawers (Viking Sun) and I, mine in the hall drawers. It worked for us.
  5. On Ocean, once you are "in the system" after talking to Guest Relations and/or a Restaurant Manager, info about you available in all dining venues, except Pool Grill. Reminders to waiters in Restaurant, Chef's Table, and Manfreti's to make sure. World Cafe IDs gluten free items and has options for pasta and some breads.
  6. We've stayed in 7014 and 7012 with no noise from people going or coming from the Explorer Lounge. After a Star Theater show most people that are staying up head to Torhaven or the Living Room bar. Even if going to Explorer Lounge most would go on deck 7 where the bar is. The second level on deck 6 doesn't have a bar. BTW- The room service elevator exit is on this hallway for this and all decks. Never heard them either. Given the Viking demographic, I doubt you'll hear much of "pounding feet," maybe some brisk walking.
  7. Buy your own stopper. Cilio 18/10 Stainless Steel Champagne Sealer or other brand. Cheap, small, and good for memories at home.
  8. Talk to the person taking reservations at the World Cafe an the port/left entrance. He/she can make the change and has lots of flexibility. The alternative is to use the app or the room TV once on board. Not as much flexibility, but if what you want is there, you'll have it right away.
  9. Furthermore, the wine steward on our last cruise was pleased to offer alternatives if a wine did not delight us with no limits on refills. It was the World Cruise and after he served us several times in all four restaurant venues his alternatives were always delicious and delightful. We did have the SBB.
  10. We concur. We left The Restaurant one night after sitting for 5 minutes with no acknowledgement from any waiter during a not very busy time. We found that Restaurant service was best when we reserved a large table for a group of friends made on the World Cruise. it was also above average when we asked to be seated at a impromptu group table. Their was rarely a very long wait for six others to join. Service for just the two of us in The Restaurant was always hit or miss.
  11. The only time we ever found the gym closed on the World Cruise was when the seas were rough. We were always able to get in early while in port with time to workout, shower, and have breakfast before departing for tours. Can't speak to late at night.
  12. Quality of tours is so dependent on the guide. We've had very, very good ones and some that seemed to barely know their way around. Tours described as "panoramic" are mostly bus rides with perhaps a few photo stops. Even those can give you an idea of what you may want to go back and see. That's usually doable since Viking often provides shuttle service from the ship to a central location. You can also bail out of a panoramic tour and take an Uber or taxi back to the ship. We've done that, just let your guide know. In many cases you can take both the included and an optional tour in the same port, departing on the included in the morning and to optional in the afternoon. We did that many times on our last cruise and never had a miss, although we did miss a lunch or two.
  13. Depends. Through the cruise line you'll probably get transportation to and from the airport(s). It might be less expensive. It might be a longer transit time. You might not have a choice of seats. On your own it might be more expensive. You'll have to figure out and pay to get from and to the airport. You get to pick the route and can opt to minimize the transit time. You get to pick your seat, although if the airline changes equipment you might not get what you pick. Like I said it depends.
  14. Our daughter ordered strawberries and wine for my wife's birthday on an ocean cruise. They never showed on the birth date. I was in on the deal and told her. She got a complete refund and they did finally show three days later. Small sample size, but the people that take your order are disconnected by time and distance form those who execute. Have a great trip!
  15. Most of the foot traffic goes either to the aft. Those heading to the Explorer Lounge usually take the starboard side since there are no doors and a double wide passage way. We never were bothered by any sound from people going down the port side. There are only 10 rooms so not that many people have a reason to come that way.
  16. The close location to Explorer lounge is exactly why we have always stayed in 7012 or 7014. Also the room stewards are the same as for the Owner's Suite. I don't know that they are more experienced or better trained, but ours have always been most helpful, i.e. a hot water thermos always refreshed so I can have tea whenever (no coffee taste from the "cup" brewer), our fridge was never not stocked or missed, room make-up was always immaculate. Straight down to the gym on deck one, straight back to the World Cafe and pool. We were there for the last World Cruise. Don't let anyone else know what a great location this is!!
  17. Enjoyed the trip report since we are doing the same cruise in reverse.
  18. We were on the entire WC. There was a period when many, not all, had a hacking cough in spite of announcements to wash hands frequently and cover mouths. My wife and I both had it and like most colds it went away after 7 to 10 days with no medication. (There is no cure for the common cold) I am not aware of any norovirus illness with Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain or cramps, Watery or loose diarrhea, Malaise, Low-grade fever, and/or Muscle pain suffered by anyone on the entire WC. I suspect the cold came from the plane trip to Miami, not anything on board the Viking Sun. You'll have a wonderful time. I know we did!
  19. Concur with Jammy Bun. Staff of 10 runs the ALL the laundry and dry cleaning service for pax and crew to include performer costumes. Amazing processes to insure sanitation of all items, health of all. The ships linen "closet" alone is worth the tour,
  20. CCWineLover experience same as ours
  21. They do when they can. On the most recent WC we had reception most of the time, except when in fringe areas of satellite coverage and in some ports with nearby mountain peaks. Pre-loaded podcasts had the fill in when that happened.
  22. Have never ever had USD refused as a tip anywhere we have been in the world.
  23. Concur Good list Peregrinia651.
  24. They hit the return times most of the time. On the World Cruise (large sample size) there were misses, a bus breakdown and a traffic jam. Another time the guide miscounted and we waited for a person that was never there to begin with. Hey--It happens. If they are late, have no doubt your money would be credited.
  25. eylarson


    You can also get wait-listed once on board for a desired tour. We always got what we wanted either through others cancellations or Viking added a tour.
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