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  1. The assessment of IWANTTOLIVEOVERTHESEA agrees with our experience on both cruise lines.
  2. The whole idea behind the one device per person limit it is to preserve bandwidth for all the passengers and crew. ( I believe that Viking is one of the few, if not only cruise line that allows the crew to have free internet access) Yes you can tether and work around the limit, but it seems to me be a selfish, greedy act. As bandwidth is used up by those who evade the one device per person limit others will complain to guest services. A possible Viking response would be to charge for internet access for each device to limit complaints and preserve bandwidth. Please don't let that happen!
  3. On World Cruise 2019 after departing Robinson Crusoe Island we had lobster for two days running.
  4. Unless COVID rules change the process, no reservations required. I would hope common curtesy will be sufficient to make everyone be safe.
  5. Wish we had packed a large laundry bag or maybe one of those collapsible laundry baskets. Plastic bags didn't hold up for duration of WC. We brought too many clothes. Between available launderette and laundry service, plus the smart casual dress code of Viking, you really don't need more than 9 or 10 days of underwear, socks and workout clothes etc, and 6 to 7 days of slacks and shirts for the guys. I bet there are some that say even this is to much. I wouldn't begin to speak for the ladies, but mine felt she brought too much too. Be interesting to see what she cuts for our next trip. The one thing I'm glad we brought was magnetic hooks that "stuck" the the walls. So handy for light jackets, scarves, hats and so on.
  6. On WC 19 they did have pina coladas served in pineapples. Sorry no umbrellas
  7. They restock with soft drinks and snacks once a day. But no beer. You can ask for an unopened beer and take back to your room or just buy a six pack of the local favorite while on shore. No restrictions on bringing spirits, beer or food back on board. Fun to watch the food stuff the crew brings back.
  8. Never heard anything from the elevators or people using them.
  9. A little more optimistic. Second dose of Pfizer today through the Veterans' Administration. Embarkation date for next cruise 18 April 2022.
  10. Bottomline Upfront-- Take it! The rooms along this corridor are our favorites. There is an entrance to the Explorer Lounge, two doors with a vestibule between. (Even experienced contributors like Peregrina651 don't know about) We never heard any noise from the lounge. Easy stroll to the World Café, afternoon tea, and the pool as well as to the do-it-yourself coffee and tea set-up every morning in the Explorer Lounge. (This allowed us to have the in-room coffee maker removed for more storage space on World Cruise 2019) Straight down the stairs to the Star Theater and the gym. Spouse is a regular user of the launderette on deck 6 that is close by. We are fortunate that sea motion has yet to affect us on any of our cruise trips.
  11. What isn't said is the action taken if you fail the test. If you pass and your cabin mate does not.
  12. We've maintained ours since my days in the Air Force. We had to get the entries transferred before World Cruise 19, the books were falling apart. The new paper is heavier stock. I note that we never asked to produce them, even though several countries had a yellow fever vaccine requirement if you had previously ben in a yellow fever country. There are several in on the South American continent.
  13. Interesting tool in the NY Times to estimate how many people are ahead of you to get vaccine based on age, health, where you live, and occupation. Based on my characteristics and what we know about vaccine production (Note: Pfizer missed their 2020 production estimate by half!) I doubt we will cruise anywhere in 2021, Not enough immunizations will be available, many countries will still have constraints on visitors, and there will be COVID 19 surges throughout the year, throughout the world. We're booked on Viking Octantis in April 2022. I do believe that's a go.
  14. In addition to the passenger stairways forward and aft there are service stairways forward and aft not shown on the deck plans. As I recall the forward was across from cabin 7012. While these service stairways are not double wide they could provide an alternate route.
  15. Stationed at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, outside Fairbanks for three years. Moon has no impact on northern lights visibility. They can be truly wonderous when they are really active and dense across the sky.
  16. December 1 from Mumbai to Singapore would seem extremely doubtful given 6.7M COVID 19 cases vs 57.8K (Source: Johns Hopkins) Tourists are allowed into Singapore, but must have a valid letter for entry and have to stay in a stay at a dedicated facility at their expense and successfully pass a COVID 19 test, also at their expense. December 4 San Juan to Ft Lauderdale with stops in the 13 stops in the Caribbean seems very optimistic. Puerto Rico has a curfew from 10PM to 5AM through 16 Oct and requires a negative COVID 19 test for entry or test at airport and quarantine for 14 days or until test results received. Need to check after mid October and see if the entry and curfew rules change. We are booked on a Silver Shadow charter in February 2021. A lot has to happen before we will be able to go.
  17. I admire their optimism, but I doubt any of the 2020 cruises will take place. June 2021 looks to be the most likely, given its "contained" itinerary.
  18. Our experience was also excellent, with the ships doctor and medical staff consulting with our stateside physician, before prescribing meds from the onboard pharmacy. TripMate insurance reimbursed all costs.
  19. Viking just cancelled all river and ocean cruises through December 31, 2020. What has Silversea done? We are currently booked for February 2021 on Silver Shadow.
  20. I don't see how you could make Viking crew members "fake" the enthusiasm they have for their jobs whether on board an ocean or river cruise. They know and have seen or experienced the company's program of advancement to higher paid positions of greater responsibility. They execute their duties in a professional and expert manner. I've never seen or experienced a "That's not my job" moment, but instead "let me fix that now."
  21. "Will the ship be fully chartered or only part of it?" Fully chartered. The itinerary doesn't show on Silversea's schedule.
  22. Charter by Playbill travel, Broadway in the Caribbean. We'd be interested in any experiences with the charter experience on Silversea. This trip based on success of previous Broadway on the High Seas 6 in 2016 and Broadway on the High Seas 8 in 2017. Thanks
  23. We did 2019 and are so glad to have had the experience. Pictures from trip are a great Zoom background.
  24. One other factor-- If I recall Viking financing relies heavily of Chinese sources. (Remember to 2018 World Cruise christening disappointment) So not only us there pressure on Viking, but also on their backers.
  25. My opinion and it is opinion only, Given the number of common guest spaces, Explorer Lounge, Living Room, etc, room location makes little difference to us. It's a place to change clothes, bath and sleep. We can always find a quiet nook to read, a place to met others, or to just have each others company. The main advantage of a PV is free laundry and once a day restocking of liquor in the fridge plus the extra storage space and space around the foot of the bed. Two TVs within 10 feet of each other didn't do much for us on our last cruise. Check the Viking web page for detailed perks with a PV. Repeat this is my opinion and know others will have differing views.
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