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  1. We have decided to change from Ventura August canaries to oceana August 2021 canaries. Gutted we won’t get on the Ventura as not done that ship. But sure we will in the future. the oceana had no balcony rooms left for 4 so having to get 2 rooms with obstructed view but happy to get on it. so warning guys a lot of people are doing the same thing my holiday rep said.
  2. Have P&O said why 2 adults have to purchase the drinks package ? Surely you could have a different glass or a sticker on it to prove the person on the package is using it correctly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Booked on for August 10th around the Canaries and I’ve never been on Ventura before. on the oceana I loved the fact there was a club to go to for a drink and meet a few people also a couple of decent bars. does the Ventura have a club or a late bar?
  4. Was out Saturday in Liverpool city centre in a few posh bars and restaurant. Drinks for a pint of beer on Ave £5-7 and cocktails £8-12 was telling friends people say drinks on cruises are expensive well I beg to differ.
  5. Only problem is not all the bars sell fosters.
  6. £4.70 for peroni is great. Paid £6.50 in Liverpool Albert dock a few months back.
  7. On a 2 week cruise it’s usually 4 formal nights.
  8. Wow that’s really cheap. They must be losing loads of money on that.
  9. Dont mind really. The one we have just done we flew to Malta which wasn’t as bad as we thought as the wife takes everything. Done 3 in the med now so ruling that out for a few years. Wanted to go Iceland next year but it was adult only ship.
  10. Just wondering do everyone on here just do P&O ? Or do others as well. As we have always been with the in-laws we have only done P&O as they said it’s their favourite. We were thinking of trying a different one next year but booked Ventura to the Canaries. I did some research on Fred Olsen as they go from Liverpool so closer to us but didn’t appeal to me as didn’t look like as many young families on them. Also was thinking TUI could be good as had a lot of holidays with them. Just thinking as we have the cruise bug now I can see us doing it a lot more so want to mix it up for locations.
  11. We found they good to be fair. Waiters amazing , rose our cabin Stewart was lovely. In winners I got on with the bar men. Could of been different staff though.
  12. Pity Tony Soprano wasn’t there , he just needs to stare 😂
  13. Loved our captain on the oceana the other week. Captain Robert Camby. Looked forward to his thought of the day every day. Very positive vibes for everyone when he did his speeches in the atrium.
  14. As the cruise is a Monday we will go down Sunday morning spend the afternoon / evening sight seeing and a meal then leave early in the morning Andy. Or or any other places worth visiting ?
  15. I was thinking of staying in a nearby town like Salisbury the day before.
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