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  1. We have decided to change from Ventura August canaries to oceana August 2021 canaries. Gutted we won’t get on the Ventura as not done that ship. But sure we will in the future. the oceana had no balcony rooms left for 4 so having to get 2 rooms with obstructed view but happy to get on it. so warning guys a lot of people are doing the same thing my holiday rep said.
  2. Booked on for August 10th around the Canaries and I’ve never been on Ventura before. on the oceana I loved the fact there was a club to go to for a drink and meet a few people also a couple of decent bars. does the Ventura have a club or a late bar?
  3. Was out Saturday in Liverpool city centre in a few posh bars and restaurant. Drinks for a pint of beer on Ave £5-7 and cocktails £8-12 was telling friends people say drinks on cruises are expensive well I beg to differ.
  4. Anyone done the tours? There is one in Dubrovnik and one in Split. I’m thinking of doing both as love the show.
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