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  1. Now that would have been a party!! There aren’t many people I take an exception to but he really was so objectionable, and that was before he hit the big time. Is it too much to ask that a “Celebrity” has a wash before they empty the dance floor?
  2. I Used to drink in the same East End pub as Graham Norton and can reliably testify that his lack of personal hygiene is almost as overpowering as his lack of Taste. There really isn’t much merit in screaming very loudly that you’re just back from a shoot when you smell like a decomposing carcass and possess the ability to singlehandedly clear a dance floor.. Am I being bitchy?
  3. Cruise ship passengers are older and sicker folks to start with, as far as covid is concerned, With hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and so on. No offence taken.
  4. I think it does vary by cruise, our Med cruise with SS there were only a dozen or so people still up at midnight. The Alaska cruise was much younger and there were a couple of dozen most nights in the Panorama Lounge. They were a fantastic crowd and have resulted in some wonderful long term friendships. The DJ on the Alaska Muse cruise though was at best prickly and clearly wanted to be in bed by midnight. You just have to make your own party!
  5. Haha, not dissimilar to North Wales Mardi Gras with the exception that many of the spectators are slightly more Ovine than Bovine.
  6. Thanks guys. A Stone is fantastic Stumbles. Just stick with it. It’s amazing how it drops off when you lay off the carbs. Lvshak, I was at my heaviest ever at the end of the Alaska cruise, in fact it was while I was editing that video that I decided to go on a diet! I Can’t wait to make another video! I’ve watched everything cruise related on Netflix, Prime, Sky, Britbox etc so many times now. I’ve even been watching episodes of the Love Boat on YouTube. Here’s hoping we can get away soon. PS I Don’t believe in exercise but good luck with the X trainer.
  7. Keep at it Stumbles, it’s well worth it. I lost 4 stone last year by dodging carbs. Just maintaining it now with good weeks and naughty weeks.
  8. Fingers crossed that containment works. I’ve thought from the outset that was the easiest solution. Here in Wales we’ve bugger all cases but have been locked down for 10 of the last 12 months. That was because our government paid people from high prevalence areas to come here.
  9. I See what you mean about cryptic! All part of the anticipation, it really looks like my kinda place. Also the T shirt in the pic reminds me of my younger and far more miserable brothers WhatsApp profile pic, his says sucesfully social distancing since 1974.
  10. Looks lovely Jilly. How are things looking over there now?
  11. Wise words Stumbles, I’m sure the promotion is intended to people recommending SS to their friends, I’m not sure it was intended to be used this way and what the t&cs are but it seems unlikely to be within the spirit (if not the t&cs) of the promotion.
  12. The food looks amazing and really innovative. We’ve been locked down for 10 months from the last 12 now. As much as I love cooking, I dream of being allowed back into a restaurant. I Know I have my own here but it’s not quite the same 🙂 was that the place you were going for New Year?
  13. Looks fantastic M, I Wish we were allowed out!
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