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  1. Hi Jeff, it’s so fantastic to hear from you! I’m so pleased to hear that you’re ok. :) Glad to know Miss Sophia is ok too.
  2. Haha M, that reminds me of a friends Mum who was a particularly ferocious and universally despised Doctors Receptionist. She wanted burying at sea to avoid the same scenario 🙂 Jp l’ll Take a cup of the Juniper solution please. Jilly, enjoy every minute while he’s this age. My little terror is 5 1/2 months now and has turned into an absolute monster. Adorable, but a monster none the less. Glad and you had a great time Lois. Looking forward to hearing about it.
  3. Awww congratulations Jan. He looks a real sweety 🙂
  4. Glad to hear it M. I Just hope you sort out your storeroom! It must be so daunting to face such a move but at the same time so satisfying to know you've done the right thing.
  5. But what if they're Ferragamo heels? Some things are worth risking going overboard for.
  6. Have a great time Silver, I'll keep an eye on Brexit for you.
  7. Haha TTS, how about a 6'4" welshman? I might weigh a bit more than 23kilos though. I So wanted to do it but I think to do it justice It would be better to go when we've got more time. Shimla and Ranthambore are musts for me, followed closely by Varanasi and Amritsar. OH has sold quite a few Great Rail Journeys Tours lately and says they're great. Have booked today for the Nile so it's set for 18/11. Ship looks great, it had a bare metal refurb this year and looks lovely. Quite excited about my little adventure now.
  8. I'll have a look later JP. We did the Nile 15 years ago and I was ill for 3 1/2 months. Looks a good trip though. This is a newly refurbished (bare metal) ship that is supposed to be excellent. Only faff is LHR 😞
  9. Hope you're feeling better for your trip Lois. Bon Voyage! Well I can't make the dates work for India, the Titan tour had no singles left when I went to book it the next day, so despite reading JPs amazing blog which has made me want to go even more I can't. The only holiday I seem to be able to find that fits in with my dates is a Nile Cruise.
  10. Without wishing to reopen all of this again Les, In Fairness to 737swapilot, the problems were much much worse than "fairly minor". Our entire holiday was ruined too, mainly from having no lights in our suite for 5 night amongst many, many, many other things. The crew were overwhelmed and little could be done to fix these problems. The holiday was certainly ruined for us too and I still believe that Silverseas response was entirlely inadequate. That said we have now moved on and wish to draw a line under it. I Understand completely though why 737 still is left feeling this way.
  11. Yes I was on the cruise 737swapilot, It was myself that started this thread. The whole thread was started not because of the appalling situation that we found ourselves in on the cruise but because of the even worse way that we were treated and lied to upon our return. I Do still feel that we were very badly let down by shoreside services. I was convinced, mainly by people on this forum, to give Silversea another try and we did in June.We had an absolutely fantastic holiday with them. Yes there were several mistakes made, again by shoreside that let the experience down again but the onboard experience was wonderful. My opinion now, 18 months later is still that the efforts of the wonderful crew are frequently let down by both the management and shoreside employees. I Will certainly be travelling again with Silversea. I haven't forgiven and certainly haven't forgotten the experience that we had, but I have moved on. Having looked at the thread on Facebook, firstly I did find it a little strange that someone would place a line on stop sell on the basis of an award (or lack of it) but secondly, having looked at the comments on the thread, I was quite shocked by the attitude of the "Travel Professional" who was insulting anybody that didn't agree with him and repeatedly insulted people from the UK, myself included, feeling safe in the knowledge that it doesn't matter because they wouldn't book with him anyway. I Suspect from his behaviour that he is probably on the spectrum but even so his behaviour on his own Social Media page is disgraceful. I Have watched many of his videos on youtube in the past and did suspect from those that something wasn't quite right. This whole episode is now 18 months on and I am happy that I have moved on myself, partly because I did sail with Silversea again. Maybe he feels justified in placing them on stop sell, that is his choice but to insult your potential customers and have a tantrum like a petulant teenager on your professional page is hardly going to win you any customers.
  12. I Looked up the aforementioned on facebook after reading the above. What a vile little man. I've never known such an unprofessional "professional" in all my life. I Really can't see how he has any customers carrying on like that.
  13. OIC thanks Les, thought I was going a bit loop the loop for a minute.
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