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  1. What about all of those silly people that waste their cruise visiting the mythical Ships gym? “I’ve heard of them but never had the misfortune of encountering one.) Maybe those ludicrous exercise bikes (a bike on a boat on a moving body of water) could be fitted with a system that enables well meaning cruisers to wash pairs of locals grotties that are trundled through salt water and after being beaten thoroughly against rocks are strapped to the wheels of the bike For a final “spin”. It certainly sits better with me than the hypocritical feel good clean up mission on some lines of removing plastics from the ocean whilst being on a cruise where you are constantly begging the crew to not give you a straw or a stirrer and are repeatedly met with a look of fear when you ask them not to use them.
  2. Beautiful moon shining on my old girl tonight. 1.30a.m. Sea legs are itching.
  3. Lincslady, you are indeed correct. The term originates from Deolali, which in modern terms has translated to Doolally or Doolally tap. It was a tragic incident incident in the history of the Empire. Tap roughly translates to fever. The residue of a huge amount of historical distortion has left two widely acknowledged expressions in our common language, Doolally and tapped. Both referring to “madness”. The Empire has a lot to answer for.
  4. It’s the sea air that does it JP.
  5. Why oh why do the number crunchers not understand that their penny pinching policies do so much harm to the brands reputation? Why do the powers above not have their fingers on the pulse? From my own experience, I immediately refunded every pre paid booking that we were not able to honour due to restrictions from my own business which envoked a large amount of loyalty, not publicly aired animosity. Yes the business account diminished within days but we honoured our contracts. Such ducking, diving and conniving is only what supports speculation of your downfall. Conduct your business with pride and honour and people will remain loyal. Duck, dive, connive and penny pinch and you will reap what you sow.
  6. I Have little doubt that if cruising survives then SS will be in as strong a position as they can be considering the resources that they now have. I Think the likelihood of them going under is extremely unlikely unless cruising is lost for an extremely long time. The key question is what will be the appetite following the media storm regarding cruising and the spread of the virus? If cruising resumed tomorrow without restriction then the ships may be filled 30% with us avid cruisers. The average cruise ship requires an occupancy of the upper 60s % to break even. Pricing is always an issue and I’ve heard many comments anticipating that prices will increase. Consider this. The market is made up of several different types of cruisers. For simplicities sake, let’s break that down into 3 general types. The avid cruiser, the regular cruiser and the “we usually have a City or beach holiday but let’s give it a try” cruiser. It’s all a case of balancing opportunity and revenue. The avid cruisers will probably be happy to pay the going rate or a little more just to be able to cruise. The regular cruiser would probably pay around the same but be put off by any significant increase. The undecided would base their decision on price vs perceived risk. Before anyone feels the need to point it out I am fully aware that SS isn’t as price sensitive as many lines but it is still a factor. Although these are very crude estimations, we need to break them down. Let’s think that 33% are avid cruisers and will pay the same or a little more. Let’s say the regular cruisers are 33% and will pay around the same. That almost gets us to breaking even. I Know this argument is simplistic but I hope gives you food for thought. That hinges the possibility of making any profit on convincing the undecided to cruise. Following all of the bad press and the reported (mis)?perceived dangers of cruising the enticement of the other 33%, failing an amazing PR coup by the industry, I Believe will be dependant very much upon value for money. My thinking is that large increases vs low confidence is not a good combination for the industry. Such tough times must focus any companies attention on where improvements may be made. Perhaps SS (or RCI) might focus on the consistent failure of shore side services failing to live up to the fantastic service received onboard. . Perhaps they won’t. The age old principle of supply and demand also applies.
  7. I’m sorry to hear your sad news JP. Thoughts are with you both.
  8. Lovely pics Chas but I despise buddleia with a vengeance. We are constantly having to weed our roof of the stuff despite being 15m high. We constantly have “trees” growing up there.
  9. Sorry you’ve been poorly Lois. Hope you’re better soon xxx
  10. Thanks QSS, they were lovely. We have an excellent family fishmongers here. The real MacCoy.
  11. That’s the secret QSS, A fluffy centre, a golden crispy outer and perfectly caramelised crunchy corners. The perfect roastie 🙂
  12. My OH started his own independent TA last year. SS seemed extremely keen to offer him regular “direct” client referrals. The process has been a bit slow due to the area manager leaving the company but they do seem quite keen on people using TAs and seem to offer better discounts, OBC etc.
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