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  1. Waiting (sort of) patiently - but recently noted that the excursions listed on my account were change, yet did not match with either the original or revised itinerary dates - e.g., two excursions on same date (different ports), and one while we are scheduled for a sea day. I know the best response is to continue to wait - but I called Carnival. Their response, again, left me wanting - they indicated that, when a change is made to the itinerary, the excursions are "changed manually" - had to pry an assurance that this is typically completed by cruise day (now 30 days away). Today, the excursions dates have been changed - BACK to the original dates, although the itinerary remains changed (reversed). To the Forum members - other than "keep waiting" - has anyone had a similar experience where Carnival has lagged in making these "manual" corrections?
  2. Booked on Vista Nov 25, 2018 departure out of Galveston. Just noticed itinerary changed - reversed order of ports - no problem and aware of Carnival change policy - BUT, 1. No notice from Carnival - discovered on own, 2. When I called their Customer Service, they claim it was never changed (I have printouts if the original itinerary, which differs from what is now posted on line and what their staff recited). Anyone else on 11/25/18 Vista notice this? Anyone know the reason for the apparent change?
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