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  1. I just. Got off Sensation on Monday, still the super cool lanyard...............
  2. I just got off Sensation on Monday, nice ship. I haven’t been on Sky for a few years. I will be on Sensation again in December.
  3. It just seems that every cruise they do less at the drill. I have done this enough to know what to do but these short cruises are full of first time cruisers that would not have a clue after something like that. Even if you wanted to pay attention it would be difficult, you could barely hear anything that was being said. I’m comparing the same ship from Feb to May.
  4. All they did was wait for everyone to arrive, read the script over the PA and release everyone.
  5. I use the tag holders all the time, never had a problem.
  6. The last cruise for me was Victory back on May 10th. Again, it was outside. During the entire drill nobody stopped talking and they never demonstrated how to put the life vest on. The drill was a total joke. If there had been a real emergency nobody would have had a clue what to do. Everyone standing around me that wasn’t talking was on their phone doing various social media.
  7. The last time I checked there was nothing for $50
  8. Anyone have comments on the new Victory Itinerary? As of now they no longer overnight in Nassau. You have the sea day on Saturday and then a short stay in Nassau on Sunday. A bunch of places were closed due to it being Sunday. The restaurant I always go to was closed, I saw several stores closed. You get there at 8am and have to be back by 4:30pm, no more late nights off the ship.
  9. I just got off the Victory, a lanyard and a $50 spa card. 64 cruises and I have never used a lanyard.....
  10. I use the shareholder OBC 3 or 4 times a year, works great.
  11. I just got back on Monday so it’s another 99 days until the next one.
  12. If you call you know for sure.
  13. I’ve never tried booking them myself. If you choose to do it yourself it does show what cabins are connecting when you are choosing them.
  14. I get up, have some coffee and wait for SuperShuttle to arrive. Always wear shorts and a polo type shirt. first thing onboard, drop my things in the cabin and head to Guy’s for a burger before the lines start to get long, and of course a Funship Special!
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