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  1. My hubby and I are fortunate enough to be sailing in 8 days western med in the Haven. This is our first cruise and Ive struggled with currency. So we ve got a credit card to place for our onboard spending however I obvs need dollars for tipping. Totally new to the cruise tipping etiquette or system I have €425 in currency for the 7 days. who do you recommend tipping , approx how much and if I have any dollars left over at the end can I use these to offset some of our onboard spend and put the rest on the card? Thanks for any advice xxx
  2. Hi all again (!) I was wondering if anyone could tell me the meal service times in the haven restaurant on the epic please? Im trying to decide whether we have time to have breakfast in the restaurant before excursions or not. I would also like anyone who have stayed in a haven spa suite to tell me how they managed to dine insuite as there seems to be a lack of table. Will it be possible Western med itinerary mid september to dine on the balcony or will it be too cold? Thanks to everyone in advance xx
  3. Hi all we re abt 40 days out from our med cruise on the Epic so ill be asking lots of questions hope u guys dont mind! We are booked in the haven and have 250 mins free wifi Im looking at upgrading to unlimited wifi package however it only gives the option for me to upgrade being the lead passenger. Does that mean my husband cant use it or can we use the same log in just not at the same time? Thanks in advance xx
  4. Thanks for the swift reply we are lucky enough to be in the Haven do you know if theres any EU outlets there please? x
  5. Hi all Im cruising on the Epic next month with my hubby and I was wondering if my Babyliss hair straighteners will work on the USA voltage I hate to think Im gonna be frizzy for the entire time!! Thanks in advance xx
  6. I got a new reservation number and all my prev reservations were wiped. Ive only booked 1 meal so essentially have further 2 to book my TA is saying that moderno is not classed in promo and upcharge applies, have I not paid enough for the Haven already??? x
  7. We had originally booked a spa mini suite then booked and paid for 3 meal specialty dining. So from this I booked us in moderno, cagneys and le bistro. HOWEVER now we ve upgraded to Haven spa we get dining promo which I thought would be the same as 3 meal specialty dining so when trying to book moderno its trying to charge me a further £72 upcharge!!! Why was it free before but not now? We ve paid more for Haven Spa and now thats not enough they charging more for meals??? Im confused and annoyed so could somebody help me with this please? Cagneys is now apparently fully booked for entire cruise (we re abt 49 days out) so wondered if being Haven guest whether Im more likely to be able to book this with the concierge when I get onboard? Thanks to all who reply, hubby and I are newbies and this may be the only time we can do this in a long time Im trying to get the most out of our cruise as poss xx
  8. EllieinNJ who did you speak to about an upgrade coiluld you let me know the number please?Thanks Gemma x
  9. Does anyone know who I could email to try get an offer please , my TA said no! x
  10. I also did nt get an invite to upgrade, im on the epic sept 15th Im gutted x
  11. Hi all I'm booked on the Epic Sept 2019 and I just wondered if the whole upgrade bidding system is open to UK bookings and if so is the bid always in American dollars? thanks xx
  12. I've just booked and logged onto my NCL page and no mention of premium all inclusive drinks or pre paid tips/gratuities or internet. it does mention $75 OBS is it because the things above are a given and automatically part of your package or do I not have them? I' waiting for a call back from NCL just wondered if anyone here knew? As you can see I'm a first time cruise!! xx
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