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  1. So I'm getting married on the Carnival Victory at the end of November 2019. I am trying to finalize my guest bags. Any good ideas would be so helpful or if i'm doing too much ;). I am already adding advil, shout packs, hangover pills, sun block, make up remover, tic tacs, recipe card (guest to fill out), Welcome card. All items would be travel size and individually wrapped. I was thinking about adding anti-bacterial wipes. The "big ticket item" is going to be a towel that I might have printed for the event or as is. Just wondering if I am forgetting anything that could be useful. We are already having a bottle of wine in each room from the cruise line. Might order some water and add that but not decided yet. Your suggestions or even the places where you got your products would be great help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Your dress was absolutely beautiful! The entire wedding party looked amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience! I would love the name of the ETSY shop for your flowers and the template for your cruise welcome letter loveantoinette@hotmail.com . I am also going to do gift bags/fanny packs. I've been trying to scout sites where I can purchase when I am ready. I don't want to buy too early because I am still waiting for RSVPs on my November wedding. Sounds like all in all it was a great experience though and I am so happy for you and your family!
  3. I can't believe it is June 2019 already! Seems like some brides have already gotten married this year. Please come back to our board for 2019 brides and share your experiences. Those of us still waiting until the end of the year i'm sure would appreciate it! Anything happen during your cruise wedding that surprised you? Anything you would have done differently? Things we might be worried about but shouldn't...? If you are getting married in June what are the last minute things you are worrying about or trying to accomplish? What are you most excited about now that your month has arrived? Just so happy to read everyone's stories and keep planning for my day in November.
  4. Just wondering... Are you doing OOT bags for your guest that cruise with you? If you are doing OOT bags are you not doing wedding favors as well? We are getting married at sea so everyone coming to the wedding has to cruise with us. I definitely plan to do OOT bags but no idea on the wedding favors yet. I thought about doing both but it seems like a lot. I don't have that many people traveling with us but i'm still waiting on all the RSVPs to flow in. I can't decide what to do as a favor and what to put in the final OOT bag which is where i'm getting stuck I think. Let me know what you all have planned or did for your cruise wedding.
  5. The ship i’m getting married on told me they don’t do make up. My hair will likely be in braids or some kind of an updo so not worried there. My niece and sister will do my make up. They did my engagement picture make up and everyone thought it was professional so I feel like i’m covered there.
  6. This is amazing! You can tell you really put some work into it. How did you find a map of the area that was high resolution enough to print? That has been my biggest issue is getting the high res images needed for printing to be clear.
  7. Hi. I know it has been a while. Do you still have this template or Carnival Welcome letter that you could share with me? loveantoinette@hotmail.com I am getting married on the Carnival Victory in November 2019 and i'm trying to get my templates together now so I can just fill them in as I go before printing. Would really appreciate your help on anyone else who might see this board post and can send to me. Thanks!
  8. Hi. Just wanted to check in to see if there were any new cruise brides for 2019! Anyone getting married at sea on a Carnival Cruise this year? Anyone already get married at sea on a Carnival cruise that could give me some more insight from 2018? Of course all opinions are good for me. I can take what I can for my situation but any help you could add here would be wonderful. I need to build a Chuppah that will also need to be transported from LA to Miami. If you have any experience with this outside of a cruise wedding would be a big help. Excited our time is finally here!
  9. After I did a lot of research I decided to use withjoy.com for my wedding website because of all the customization it allows for your information. For the actual planning I have been using a wedding planning book and The Knot. I just try to make notes for anything they have specific to a 'land' wedding since most don't apply to my at sea wedding. It is still really difficult to know if I am doing thing at the exact right time but it helps me capture the things I actually need to do versus what the Cruise Ship will do for me etc... If anyone comes up with something else please let us know! 🙂
  10. Hi. I too am looking for a high res image or a Carnival Fun Time template to create some documents for my cruise wedding next year. If anyone has that by chance can you please send to me as well. loveantoinette@hotmail.com. Really appreciate it!
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