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  1. Good morning, We have never had FTTF and would like some help. We just rebooked our canceled cruise and now we have two rooms instead of 1. If we can’t find FTTF for both cabins can we still all board together? I have my 2 kids in one cabin and my husband and youngest in another cabin. Even if we board at a later time! And once we board could the kids come change and hang in our room right when we board? thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for the input! It’s such a hard choice, especially for an indecisive person like me!
  3. Happy Hump Day, So what would you pick I would love some input, raves and rants on these ships please! Summer Cruise for a family of 5 (2 adults, 13yr, 10yr and 6yr old) We don’t have to pay for flights because we live in central Florida. We don’t mind visiting the same port again. We are pretty laid back and just enjoy the cruise and we usually explore on our own. Carnival Horizon: 8 day cruise Miami, 2 sea days, Aruba, Bonaire, La Romana, Amber Cove, sea day $400 more One room: Family Harbor Suite Mid ship deck 1 We have been to Amber Cove. Carnival Magic: 8 day cruise (we have been on the breeze) Miami, 2 sea days, St Marteen, St Kitt, San Juan, Grand Turk, sea day $400 cheaper 2 rooms: One porthole and one door down a ocean view. Front of the ship.. like first rooms on the 1st deck. We have been to Grand Turk and PR Thank you!
  4. Happy Sunday! Long please bare with me.. I am hoping to get some opinions on weekend cruises. My husband and I haven’t been on a vacation alone in 12 years. We have 3 kiddos (12, 10, 6) and in the past we haven’t had family close by to babysit, plus my son has multiple medical conditions and we use to be in and out of the hospital. Well my son is doing 💯 better. No hospital stays in 3 years!!!! A friend and my dad have offered to babysit the kids so we can get a weekend getaway for my birthday. Up in Now we could just fly somewhere but I would love to take a solo cruise but I hear horrible things about weekend cruises. Here are my options. A. 3 day cruise on the Liberty (Friday-Monday) Port Canaveral and overnight in Nassau. We have been to Nassau and didn’t really enjoy it But hey kid free we can go back to the ship.. enjoy the pool. Maybe walk to the beach in Nassau. This option we have me only miss one day of work and I would only have to worry about school pick up for my youngest for one day as well. We have never been on the Liberty so that would be new. B. 4 day on the Elation (Thursday-Monday) Port Carnaveral, Nassau, Freeport. We have never been to Freeport. We have been on the elation and even though it’s a smaller ship and older it does hold a dear place in our heart. This one I would have to worry about 2 pickup days for my youngest and one drop off day. C.Just take a flight somewhere or stay local in Fl? thanks 😊
  5. Hi all... another question for you!! Has anyone used walkie talkies to communicate with your children? We are traveling with our children and my two oldest will have privileges to sign themselves out of camp. We already have rules on meeting spots but I still want to be able to communicate with them. I know about the HUB but I am afraid of them miss placing their phones.
  6. My thoughts exactly! I thought I would give me a discount or some benefit... I guess I will just put cash on my ss or just get the cheers
  7. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if there was an advantage to the “bar cash” or not. I used to be able to drink more than 5 drinks a day but now I really don’t think I will. I would probably force myself if I got cheers though. Yes thanks for the recommendation I think closely budgeting is the way to go. Maybe buying a few gift cards from AARP and putting them on the account will be better
  8. Hello all, My husband and I will be sailing with our children in June. We have two separate cabins and we are debating 2 cheers packages or not. He is a drinker and I can drink enough to make cheers worth it but I have be going cleaning and not drinking much. I haven’t really even been drinking juices only water. But that’s being said I can def drink more than 5 specialty drinks (mimosas, few frozen drinks, a glass or two of wine with dinner, a drink with a late night show)! So we we were thinking about him getting cheers and me having a “cash account” to share with the kids. My kids aren’t soda drinkers but do enjoy virgin drinks and my oldest loves specialty coffees. So my question is how exactly does it work? I am assuming I can share because it’s cash and not a “cheers package”. Can I purchase it with AARP gift cards?? Has anyone used this instead of just having money on your regular account?? Looking for pros and/or cons of the bar cash vs cheers!? Any advice would be great!
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