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  1. Hi all... another question for you!! Has anyone used walkie talkies to communicate with your children? We are traveling with our children and my two oldest will have privileges to sign themselves out of camp. We already have rules on meeting spots but I still want to be able to communicate with them. I know about the HUB but I am afraid of them miss placing their phones.
  2. My thoughts exactly! I thought I would give me a discount or some benefit... I guess I will just put cash on my ss or just get the cheers
  3. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if there was an advantage to the “bar cash” or not. I used to be able to drink more than 5 drinks a day but now I really don’t think I will. I would probably force myself if I got cheers though. Yes thanks for the recommendation I think closely budgeting is the way to go. Maybe buying a few gift cards from AARP and putting them on the account will be better
  4. Hello all, My husband and I will be sailing with our children in June. We have two separate cabins and we are debating 2 cheers packages or not. He is a drinker and I can drink enough to make cheers worth it but I have be going cleaning and not drinking much. I haven’t really even been drinking juices only water. But that’s being said I can def drink more than 5 specialty drinks (mimosas, few frozen drinks, a glass or two of wine with dinner, a drink with a late night show)! So we we were thinking about him getting cheers and me having a “cash account” to share with the kids. My kids aren’t soda drinkers but do enjoy virgin drinks and my oldest loves specialty coffees. So my question is how exactly does it work? I am assuming I can share because it’s cash and not a “cheers package”. Can I purchase it with AARP gift cards?? Has anyone used this instead of just having money on your regular account?? Looking for pros and/or cons of the bar cash vs cheers!? Any advice would be great!
  5. Thank you!! I think my fear is my oldest (12 yr old) not going the first night. I really want her to meet some friends. And the reservation for the steakhouse probably around the meet and greet time (I am not sure what time they meet up at circle c
  6. Oh I know!! Only those two! My son and I will be trying the Cucina though. He can’t eat much (G-tube) But Italian is something he can have Ann’s loves
  7. I didn’t mean for it to sound like the kids won’t enjoy it. I mentioned the MDR because there are kids that like to eat in restaurant vs the buffets. The like the family dinners I just have never done the steakhouse. The reason we originally decided was because my oldest loves steak and they like eating in the restaurants. But now am second guessing myself. I don’t think they would enjoy Cucina because my husband and oldest don’t like Italian 🙈 food!
  8. Hello cruise experts!! My husband and 3 kids (12,9,5) will be on the Breeze this June. I made reservations for the steakhouse on our first night. Now I am doubting if it’s worth it.. A. When I made the reservations I thought I would pay kids price for all 2 kids. But my oldest turns 12 the day of embarkation. B. My middle son has a feeding tube and can barley eat. (Not that it makes a difference it’s only $12) C. I have the email confirmation but the only time they had was 6:30 and I am worried the kids will miss the ice breaker at the kids club. D. I am reading more and more that there aren’t many children at the steakhouse. Does anyone have experience with children in the steakhouse? I really don’t want to go alone with my husband we are big on family dinners while on vacation. We are so busy with work and after school activities that we rarely have family.dinners. My kids love MDR dinners while on cruises. The want to go every night over the buffet but I have also never offered them to eat at the kids club. Suggestions? Opinions?
  9. Just for fun! What is your favorite itinerary Eastern or western? What are some of your favorite ports!??
  10. @Garth2 I would have a regular bathroom with the toilet and shower and washroom with a tub in the Deluxe cabin and then the regular bathroom in the interior room. So at least 3 people could shower/bathe at once.
  11. Thanks everyone for all the positive!! I can’t wait till June!!
  12. Tell me it won’t be horrible!! So originally my family of 5 was going to go on the Breeze June 1st. We had a cove balcony. Well we had a situation and needed to change for the following week.... Well now we are Deck 1 mid ship; 3 person deluxe ocean view and one interior across the hall for 2 people. I have never been on such a low deck... deck 2 for the cove balcony was already stressing me. I am trying to see the positive: A. I am on a cruise. B. We saved over 3,000. C. We aren’t in the room the much. D. We will have an extra bathroom (3 bathrooms actually) So questions: Has anyone ever stayed on deck one? I have my husband and son booked in the interior, me and my girls in the ocean view... could we move rooms? Camp out together? Could the older kids stay across the hall?? Any other advice or recommendations??
  13. You all have been so amazing! Thank you for all your help! Looks like Breeze in a no brained lol cant wait for vacation!
  14. Hello! My family and I took our first family cruise last June. I had cruised when younger but my husband was afraid to cruise. Well we went on the Elation from Jacksonville and he loved it. Last year we did Half Moon cay and Bahamas (we really didnt care for the Nassau Port) . This summer he wants to go on a bigger ship. We live in central Florida and we don't mind driving to any Florida port. What would you all recommend. A family of 5, 3 children ages 12,9,6. Carnival Horizon: Miami, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel (6day) Carnival Breeze: Pt Canaveral, Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk (7 day) Carnival Magic: Ft Lauderdale, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk Amber Cove (6 day) I know these ships are pretty similar although the Sky Ride on the Horizon seems like so much fun. My husband is leaning toward the Horizon but I am thinking the extra day and ports on the Breeze may be worth the little extra $$$. If we did go with the Horizon are the Family Harbor rooms (no balcony) worth it?
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