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  1. UrgeToSubmerge

    Three in a Room

    Thank you for all the suggestions. It’s a shame that I was born so pretty instead of rich!
  2. UrgeToSubmerge

    Three in a Room

  3. UrgeToSubmerge

    Three in a Room

    Thank you
  4. UrgeToSubmerge

    Three in a Room

    Hello Fellow Cruisers, I have searched every way possible for suggestions and decided to just ask y’all. Surely I’m not the only one that has come across this issue. There are 3 of us, Ladies, 60 yrs of age but not OLD, no handicaps, just want to take a cruise together. I have cruised 9 times in my life and my friends never have. Deal breaker for me will be no balcony, got to have it! However, a week in a balcony stateroom sounds very tight and all three of us agree that we really need an additional bathroom/toilet. I have searched for adjoining rooms but because we are only three, that single occupancy room makes it unaffordable. We all still work and money is a factor. We considered asking a fourth person but we are best friends from high school and then we get into that fifth wheel vibe. Also considered upgrading to a suite or a family suite....... are any of these actually affordable? I have found several suites with two bathrooms but only one has a toilet.... Duh Any suggestions/solutions come to mind? Am I crazy or does this exist? Thanx in advance for any help you can give me! Nancy