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  1. Hi, I am just wondering if teabags are also supplied with the kettle. And is it safe/ok to fill the kettle with water from the tap in the bathroom? Thanks
  2. Yes. We stored 3 medium to large suitcases under the bed. The stateroom assistant also sometimes stored bedding and cushions under the bed. Loads of storage space under the bed in our iv stateroom.
  3. The fire and ice pedicure is relaxing. Sometimes they sit you in a chair that reclines and massages. Hot/Warm stones, water, oil and scrubs are used. There is some scrubbing and shaping and a bit of massaging. Then near the end, your chosen nail polish is applied. If you like being pampered, then you will love it! I had both the pedicure and manicure done at various times in the past. The manicure is not worth it. There was nothing offered that set them apart. This is something you can easily do yourself or at your local salon for half the price. The biggest downside to the spa services is the Sales pitch. If you go in just for the pedicure, they will try to sell you the manicure. If you go in for the manicure and pedicure, then she will try to sell you Shellac polish. And the list goes on ... they will try to sell other services and products. I think that takes away from the relaxing experience. So before I go to the Spa, I just practice saying "No, no no thanks". And I stick to it even if they are making a compelling case. It can be a bit cheaper if booked through cruise planner. Since I don't normally have a pedicure professionally done while at home, I don't mind splurging on a pedicure while on vacation even if I missed the cruise planner booking or the sporadic on board spa sales.
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