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  1. Another aspect to this issue is that it seems pretty clear that the govt will give cruise lines some type of assistance/bailout like airlines, hotels, other businesses. All of the cruises lines are going to lose money—even with such a bailout. I agree with this being a business decision on Oceania’s part but it’s also a business decision Both now and in the future.
  2. Compare NCL policy with what Princess (part of Carnival) did when they started their 60 day shutdown. Of course they were at the center of the cruise ship quarantine debacle. They made their refund/enhanced fcc offer available to guests who had already cancelled back to early Feb.
  3. Yes, there is decaf English breakfast for certain and perhaps earl grey. The English Breakfast changed from the Red Packet (common in the US) to the Gold/Orange packet but still Twinnings.
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